Will I lose 45lbs? {week 2}

Week 2: I gained some weight.

SAJE– Slow Aging with Joy and Ease.

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FOOD: I am doing my version of PH@TT diet. I only eat protein, green vegetables, and berries (sometimes apples). NO sugar, grains, fats. Though this week I had a huge craving for a very specific nut, Brazilian nut. So I added it.

DRINK: I drink minimum 100oz/ 3 liters of Water. Preferably Spring water. nothing else.

MOVEMENT: my goal is 10K steps a day. This week I added Nordic walking, which should help lose weight 20% faster.

SLEEP: the goal is a minimum of 8 hours a night, and going to sleep no later than 10.30 pm.

EXTRA: with such a restricted diet, I am following PH@TT protocol (my adaptation), with goop in the morning and other supplements.

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