What do FODMAPS stand for?

This video is the first in a series of recorded live zoom presentations about healthy living that we hosted for many of our patients with chronic conditions. Monica Kubizniak is an experienced dietitian in the field of rheumatology and has particular expertise with the topic we present today – FODMAPS. Many people unfortunately suffer with irritable bowel issues including many of our patients with rheumatic disease. Understanding FODMAPS and which foods trigger gut symptoms can be extremely useful and for some life-changing. Monica will present slides for the first 15 minutes of this video and then we will go into a full screen of her where she has prepared an array of foods relevant to the discussion. There will also be questions from the live event so hopefully some of them are ones that you would have asked yourself. Below are the links she mentions in her presentation:

* Monash FODMAP app –

* Low FODMAP Recipes –

Thanks for watching and really hope you find the information relevant and useful.

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