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Authentic and Delicious Scone Recipes

Believe it or not, scones were actually invented by the Scottish, even though it’s predominantly the British who consume them! In north America, the scone appears to have received rather a bad reputation. I suspect this is because America has only ever tried the kind of scones that come from a packet and taste dry and tasteless.

2 Delicious Fried Rice Recipes

In Asian countries, it is common to leave the rice cooker on all day and to ensure that there is always a bowl of cooked rice available anytime of the day. To make sure the rice is still tasty even when it’s been sitting a while, they tend to fry the cooked rice – It’s a great way to use up other leftovers too. Let’s take a look at two easy friend rice recipes today.

2 Easy Potato Soup Recipes to Add Variety to Your Potato Repertoire

When you have the privilege of being able to grow your own organic vegetables in your very own garden, it’s nice to be able to actually make something delicious with the wonderful produce that comes of it. Instead of opting for boiled and roasted potatoes, you might be surprised at the kind of delicious potato soup you can actually make. Let’s take a look at 2 easy potato soup recipes to give your dinner table a little variety.

Try This Chicken Broccoli Stir Fry

If you’re not familiar with clean eating yet, it’s time that you read about it. This lifestyle has a lot of benefits, and making you healthy is just one of them.

Simple Cookie Recipe for Breakfast

Countless people love cookies however few know that it’s actually quite simple to make them yourself. No need to order them from restaurants each and every time you feel like eating them. You can make them at home. This article will guide you though 9 easy step to prepare one simple cookie recipe; tea cookies.

Gourmet Steaks

If you want to enjoy your favorite gourmet steaks, you don’t need to spend a fortune. All you need to do to avoid spending big time at the high-end steak houses is a little effort and buying a few ingredients, to prepare your own steaks.

Dante’s Bread and Other Yummy Florentine Recipes

What do Dante Alighieri, the Sun King and Caterina de Medici have in common with the Tuscan cuisine? Who invented chamel? Discover mysteries and curiosities of some of the most popular Florentine recipes in this article! (…and another one coming soon…)

Mini Spiced Apple Tarts With Chocolate

It’s that time of the year where Christmas lights start going up and families plan their Thanksgiving feasts. A big part of the holidays are apples, more specifically apple pie…YUM. There’s nothing that can be wrong with a hot, fresh, flaky and juicy apple pie. And what’s better than just a slice- a tart! Just as flaky and yummy but smaller and with CHOCOLATE. Plus at the Thanksgiving table there’s GOING to be that family member(s) that doesn’t want to eat too much dessert, or a big slice or they’re watching their weight. So this is the PERFECT addition to your dessert spread! Petite decadent pastry shells filled with moist apples, brown sugar, spices and zest topped with luscious chocolate and the only things left to complete the deal is your hand and mouth! I swear by Williams & Sonoma Basic Pastry Dough recipe because it’s easy, fast and super tasty. I just tweek it a bit of course! OF COURSE I used my AMAZING Babycakes Machine and the tarts they came out so cute and petite! However, these can be done in regular mini-muffin tin pans.

Traditional Hanukkah Foods (How to Feel Good About Eating Fried Foods)

Modern nutritional advice recommends avoiding fried food. Although I am a proponent for Jewish healthy eating, for one week a year I make an exception. Yes, I am referring to Hanukkah (aka Hannuka, Chanuka or Chanuka) or the fried food festival. To commemorate the miracle of a small jug of oil lasting for eight days, we indulge in fried foods during the eight day festival. Forget the calories and enjoy!

Thanksgiving Dinner for Family of 4 in 3 Hours for Under $40

Let’s face it. I’m no Betty Crocker. Though I love to cook (certain things), I hate to cook (most things). It’s just not my strength, shall we say. (I’m still trying to identify that one.) To be perfectly candid, the whole finance thing is not my forte, either – and my bank balance typically echoes that. But I LOVE Thanksgiving and sitting around a table, sharing a meal with my family. I’m all about Norman Rockwell! This creates a rather stressful dilemma each year, oh just about NOW. Here’s how I solved it!

Quick And Easy Make-Ahead Holiday Appetizer

Every once in a while I’ll sit back and wonder what another persons’ life might be like. I contemplate the idea of a typical week or day and have to ask myself, “is there even such a thing?” It’s enough that we all lead busy lives with hectic schedules.

Something Different for Dinner: Learn Secret Restaurant Recipes

Never again hear the words “Oh No. Not meatloaf again!” The best way to break out of the same old chicken, meatloaf, spaghetti cycle of boredom is to find new recipes. Try Something Different for Dinner: Learn Secret Restaurant Recipes.

Asian Cooking Style

Asian cuisine from countries like Indonesia, India, China, Thailand, Japan and Malaysia are greatly sort after by people around the world. Restaurant of Asian food are now booming in everywhere and therefore get the recipe and try it out to experience the great taste.

If You Don’t Quit

This time of year it is easy to forget that we are all moving way too fast, and in different directions. Funny when I was younger, I don’t remember life moving at warp speed. Christmas vacations seemed to last forever.

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