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🎊 I am so excited and incredibly grateful to announce my next cookbook Vegan Richa’s Instant Pot Cookbook! 150 Recipes from Indian cuisine and beyond! It’s 2 books in one with half dedicated to popular and regional Indian recipes all made in the IP and the other half is a vegan instant pot book traversing various cuisines. From curries to crunchwraps, pastas to cakes, there’s something for everyone!

📚The book is available in print and digital format and is available to preorder in most countries.

🍲Whether you are an Instant Pot™ pro or newbie, you’ll learn how to save time and maximize the potential of your machine with inventive new techniques like Pot in pot cooking and layering multiple meals! I’ve cooked with pressure cookers for more than 25 years So I definitely know something 🙂

🌾 Just like the blog, there are Glutenfree recipes and options, Soyfree and Nutfree options, metric measures and Nutrition information with each recipe

I’ve been working on it for more than 2 years with schedule getting affected by the pandemic and my own health struggles. From being non functional for months to managing to edit the book old school style in print, this will be a journey to remember. I am grateful to all of you who’ve been around consistently supporting my work whether I put out 1 recipe or 10. ❤️❤️❤️

🍁Why should you PREORDER now?
🔸Preorders often have the guarantee that you will get the lowest price offered till book release day. That can be 20-40% lower based on deals, and preorder interest which help get the book the marketing and distribution .
🔸As with my other books, 40% Of my income from the book gets donated to various sanctuaries and charities.
🔸Support the author! Share the book with friends and family.

There will be a preorder bonus bundle and other gifts for everyone who preorders! Thank you once again to everyone who tries my recipes and to everyone who preordered.

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