Vegan Oil-Free Ranch Dressing | Easy Make at Home Recipe (Gluten Free, Soy Free)

When you consume a lot of potatoes like we do on the whole food plant-based way of eating, flavor ideas for those potatoes are always welcome. Ranch or Dill Ranch dressing used to be our favorite for veggies, potatoes and even pizza sauce. When we quit the Standard American Diet (SAD), we quit Ranch dressing. That was hard. Even though, my husband’s cholesterol dropped 100 points in 3 weeks, it was hard! I had to find a solution. No way around it! If we were going to keep up the vegan diet, we had to have Ranch dressing. I took my mother-in-law’s recipe and veganized the sour cream and mayo out of it! This formula has no oil, no tofu and, of course, no dairy and yet it tastes like her holiday Dill dip!

Printable recipe available at:

0:00 – Introduction
2:18 – Vegan No Oil Ranch Dressing recipe demonstration
3:21 – A word about salt and sugars – totally optional
4:05 – Conclusion of Vegan No Oil Ranch Dressing demo
6:27 – Video wrap up and topic for next video

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1. Vitamix: I have an industrial Vitamix because I was making non-dairy cheese for 20 grocery stores. Here is a link to the smaller model I have:
2. Red Heat Resistant Spatula:
3. Nutritional Yeast:
4. Chickpea Miso:
5. Instant Pot:
6. Bosch Compact Mixer:

7. Bosch Mixer … I’ve had mine for over 30 years:

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