Vegan Cheese Sauce. Soy Free, Nut free, Oil free = Fat Free.

You should really give this Vegan cheese sauce recipe a try. Here is the “UPGRADED” Cheese Sauce that first appeared in the TEX-MEX Casserole ( recipe video. It was such a hit and with encouragement from others, here is a new video just for you that shows the “UPGRADED” Cheese sauce in action. I think you will be amazed! Did you know that it’s cheese sauce made using oats?

Note: My vegan cheese sauce in this video is a bit thin, so make sure to cook the cheese sauce until it’s steamy to create the thickest sauce. (I actually thickened mine after the video footage, yet it tastes good thick or thin. So if you want it a little thinner, I suggest adding less cornstarch.)

There are so many dishes for which you can use this vegan cheese. Just use it on everything such as Nachos, Chilli & Rice, Tacos/Quesadillas, and of course tortilla chips! YUM!

AND…It barely contains any fat because it’s made using oats instead of the traditional cashews/nuts that most vegan/plant-based cheeses are made of.

See the website ( for the written recipe which includes additions to “spice-up” the cheese sauce for dipping.

Link to the TEX-MEX casserole written recipe:

Hoosier Hill Farm Nutritional Yeast Flakes, 1 Pound:

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