Turkey Cinnamon Rolls!

How to Make Light and Crispy Prawn and Vegetable Tempura

For those of you have been searching for a quick and easy to follow recipe to make delicious light and crispy prawn and vegetable tempura, here’s one that can you can serve as an appetizer. Ingredients…

3 Easy To Make Gelatin Dessert Cake Recipes

When it comes to making and baking homemade dessert cakes I like to use recipes that are easy to prepare, bake up quickly and taste delicious. When you use gelatin in your cake batter recipes it adds a nice flavor and coloring to your dessert cakes. This article includes 3 easy to make cake recipes that use gelatin.

Guacamole Recipe Ideas And Variations

Guacamole is a typical Mexican side dish, that goes well with a lot of food, but is especially great as a dip with tortilla chips or even french fries. Below you can find an easy recipe to get you started, plus two variations, in case you feel more adventurous.

What Are Cookie in a Jar Mixes?

Find out about cookie in a jar mixes. Discover great recipes for cookie mixes and some of the great uses you can have for cookie in a jar mixes. Ideas and tips that will get you on top of the cookie in a jar mix craze.

Easy Chili Recipe

To be honest, my favorite way to have chili is on its own. I like having the flavor of a good chili in full. My kids think the best way is poured over hot fries or corn chips, and then covered in cheese. It’s not very healthy so I try not to make chili fries for them unless it’s a special occasion. Of course there is no limit to chili – if you love it HOT add extra fresh chilies or chili powder and if it’s too hot then a nice big dollop of sour cream go great to tone down the spicy. Everyone thinks their chili is the best, and I think that’s what makes it special. Below is my most used and loved chili recipe.

Boston Baked Beans: Classic, Slow-Cooker Version, or Short Cut Style

No doubt about it, Boston is famous for its fabulous baked beans recipes. The characteristic flavor of Boston beans is created by long, slow baking in a sweet molasses-based sauce richly flavored with bacon or salt pork, and the result is pure baked bean heaven. Here are three ways to enjoy this classic comfort food.

Tomato-Onion Pie With Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheeses

Pie crust is one of the most adaptable recipes on the planet. You can make sweet or savory pies, one crust or two crust pies. Thanks to refrigerated and frozen products, you don’t even have to make the crust. This recipe uses a deep dish frozen crust, which saves you time and trouble. The smell of this pie will make you think of pizza.

Learn To Cook Some Simple Seafood Recipes

Are you someone who has dreamt of being able to whip up some delicious seafood dish, but do not know how to cook seafood? While in the past this might have been a deal breaker, thanks to the internet, almost anyone can learn how to become a better chef in any capacity, but particularly in terms of seafood. If you do not already have an Alaska whitefish recipe in mind, then you will be able to pick one out online and also figure out what the basic ingredients you will need in order to get started. Instead of falling behind, once you figure out what those ingredients are you might as well pick them up so that you have everything on hand that you need.

Spice Up Your Next Dinner Party With A Seafood Dinner

Many people enjoy throwing dinner parties, and why not? After all, the dinner party is a great way to gather all of your friends together in order to share a meal under one roof. For many folks a dinner party is the highlight of the week and there is nothing that planners of parties would rather be doing than planning parties. Unfortunately, one thing that always seems to happen is that folks fall into a culinary rut. That is to say that they stick with cooking the three or four dishes that they feel comfortable with. Instead of falling into a rut, why not learn to prepare a delicious grilled Alaska whitefish meal?

Scrumptious King Crab Appetizer Ideas

There are many types of seafood, but some are much more popular than others. Yet even people who detest fish often enjoy crab-based dishes. Alaska king crab meat has a unique texture and flavor that lends itself to a wide variety of appetizers. If you are looking for a light lunch or dinner idea, many of these recipes can also be adapted accordingly or accompanied by another side in order to round out the meal.

Delicious Ethnic Approaches to Shrimp and Prawn Preparation

At just over one million pounds a year, Alaska spot prawns pale in comparison to the multi-million pound loads of crab that are fished and exported from the cold waters of the Bering Sea each year. Sustainable fishing laws have kept over fishing to a minimum, while new advances such as the use of pots as a fishing practice have significantly reduced the negative environmental impacts of catching these shrimp. Better practices have lead many restaurants to stock up on this unique seafood, offering up a variety of platters that highlight flavors from around the world.

Fried Stuffed Potato Balls

Want to impress your friends with a great appetizer or side dish? How about fried stuffed potato balls?

Baked Alaska Scallops for Dinner Parties

There are many scallop recipes you can find in your cookbooks and online that are easy to make and look like they will be delicious, however, it’s hard to find a good baked scallop recipe that is also easy to prepare. For this recipe, you only need a few simple ingredients and you’ll be baking delicious scallops for your dinner party in no time. You’ll want to be sure you get Alaska scallops for the recipe because they are the best type of scallop for this recipe.

Affordable and Versatile Alaskan Crab Recipes

When one calls to mind a shellfish platter, the typical association they make is great food with a high bill to cover the cost of such a delicacy. Aside from lobster and other more high-end shellfish, there are actually a number of well-priced options for those looking to eat fresh seafood with rich flavor. Among them, Alaska Dungeness crab has recently emerged in kitchens across the country as a delicious option that can be used to make crab cakes, as a main course, or tossed in a fresh salad.

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