Top 12 Healthy Snacks for Kids | Snack Reviews (What To Buy & Avoid)

What’s a healthy snack for kids? Here are the best lunchbox food items – and the worst – to help you choose what to buy for your children!

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Today is all about choosing a healthy snack for kids. What are healthy snacks for kids and what are the worst ones you should avoid?

When we’re thinking about snacks for our children, we cannot overstate the value of fresh fruits and vegetables. This is what’s going to power your children into being smart kids. And that’s what we should always be thinking of: how can I help my child be smart, it’s not about fitting in. And what’s popular among other kids. Because popular among other kids is about being average, you’re not raising your child to be average, you’re raising them to be smart to be the next generation of leaders, the next generation of designers and developers and leaders and just all of that, and that’s going to start with being really smart with the snacks that they eat right now in school. As I like to say it’s not about blending in, it’s about smarting up.

So our first option for healthy snacks is always going to be fresh fruit. Now if you’re going to send apples with them to school, make sure you’ve already cleaned them and remove the wax. So they’re going to eat them straight with the peeling and everything. So make sure the wax has been cleaned from them. raising our children to appreciate good produce includes cherry tomatoes, this is a perfect snack dish to send with your child to school.

Moving into the vegetables, slice cucumbers and peppers. definitely a must for your child snack list. Also in the produce aisle where everything is fresh and fresh is always going to create smarter children, we have big guacamole packages. So this package here is extremely a good choice for your children. Remember, good healthy fats build healthy brain cells. And that’s why we’re teaching them. That’s why we send them to school or we teach them ourselves at home. We want healthy children so this is a perfect option. Now I would not add chips to this I would add either carrots or cucumber slices to complement the health benefit of this. Now because this has become such a popularity among kids, it even comes in several varieties.

Now I do want to say as a word of caution, many times we’re looking at protein bars as a good option. They’re not always because the sugar count can be extremely high. So be very careful if you choose to send this with your children to school. I’m actually in more of the natural aisle, the organic aisles so that you have you’re seeing a little bit different brands. But yes, and even especially Pop Tarts very high in sugar, the brain does not need that insulin surge or that glucose surge. It actually needs good fiber, good protein to stay high concentration levels so your child can focus in school. So be very careful about these bars.

For those of you who are on a tight budget or you just want the best snack ever, this is going to be it’s going to be making your own popcorn. Once it’s a GMO verified popcorn like this horrible red and buckers then you have the perfect snack just make it on Sunday bag it up in some ziplock bags for every day of the week for every child you have and you have the perfect snack to send with your child.

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