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I’ve Never Heard Of No Bake Cookies Made Without Peanut Butter – Do You Have A Recipe?

No bake cookies recipes that do not include peanut butter are very popular. Some people don’t like peanut butter while others are allergic to it. While it would be natural to think that all no bake cookie recipes include both oats and peanut butter, there are hundreds of recipes that don’t include either ingredient.

Meze – Turkey’s Iconic Appetizers

Turkey has often been called the crossroads between Europe and the Middle East. This is not only exhibited in its culture and customs, but in its iconic cuisine as well. One of the greatest delights of a trip to Turkey is enjoying the country’s great food. Renowned for its abundance of tasty and fresh produce, Turkish cuisine also has many specialties and variations…

Kale Recipes – Side Dishes

Looking for some great kale recipes. As you know, kale is a highly nutritious and delicious green that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Here is a great collection of my favorite side dish recipes using kale.

Tips for Steak Recipes

For millions of years man has been eating steak in one form or another. There’s nothing quite like a thick slab of meat to really make you feel like a man, but so many times I see the meat being overcooked, flavourless, and slapped on the plate as it is. That’s not to say steak without anything added cant be tasty, but it’s going to have to be an incredibly expensive cut of meat and in a great restaurant – for most of us, steak will be something eaten at home, and that’s what I aim to improve.

A Brief History of Onion Soup And a Delicious Authentic Onion Soup Recipe

Onion Soup, or more specifically French Onion Soup, is a popular dish the world over. The name suggests that the classic soup originated in France, but in France it’s known specifically as Lyonnaise. Sadly, the exact origins of this culinary classic are unverifiable.

Recipe for Baguettes Artisan Bread

Baguettes are long French breads that are very easy to make when using Artisan boule dough. To make a boule dough, look for the boule dough master recipe.

Fascinating Ingredients of Thai Food Recipes

Meals in Thailand typically consist of a primary stir-fried dish, as well a rice, salad, a soup, and perhaps some kind of curry. Thai fish sauce mixed with fresh chopped chillies and spring onions, tomatoes and beans will also decorate the table. However, some of the individual ingredients that go into Thai food are quite fascinating and I’d thought we’d take a look at those today.

Basic Steps on Making Fondant

Fondants are very useful in that they can turn any plain-looking cake into a masterpiece. Making fondant icing is very easy, with basic steps on how to make a fondant available online.

Recipe For Garlic With Basil Artisan Bread

This is a simple Artisan bread packed with several goodies such as garlic and basil. These added ingredients add flavor to the bread making it more healthy and delicious.

Root Beer Chicken Breast Recipes

How do you make root beer chicken breast recipes? A couple of examples are given in this article.

A Japanese Lasagna Recipe Fit For The Emperor

With the growing popularity of such Japanese foods as sushi, teppanyaki and sukiyaki, serving Japanese cuisine at home is now a cool thing to do and sure to impress your dinner guests. Try this Japanese flavored lasagna to impress your modern dinner guests.

Recipe for Couronne Artisan Bread

This type of bread originated from Lyon. It is popular because of it’s round shape.

Shrimp With Tequila Tacos

If you are retiring to Mexico or if you are just visiting, you will find that the seafood is about the best available anywhere. Fisherman are allowed to fish all night, so the fish boats arrive in the early morning loaded with the night’s catch.

Healthy Weight Loss Recipes – How You Can Lose Weight Fast and Love It

Did you know that there is no reason not to eat delicious foods just because you’re trying to lose weight? It’s true! Check out this healthy weight loss recipe, and actually look forward to eating weight loss foods.

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