The Perfect (raw vegan) Jaffa Cake – This Will Blow Your Mind🍊

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Discover how to make all these in the Spectacular Raw Cakes (raw vegan, online, self-paced course):

1️⃣Jaffa Cake (nut-free)
🍊Sponge base
🍊Orange chia jam insert
🍊Orange agar-agar insert
🍊Orange cream
🍊Chocolate orange glaze

2️⃣Pandan, Kaya & Coconut Entremet
🌿 Coconut tart crust
🌿 Santan chia jam
🌿 Kaya cream
🌿 Pandan cream
🌿 Pandan glaze

3️⃣Mango Moringa Éclair
🌟 Almond buckwheat base
🌟 Mango Cream
🌟 Moringa Cream
🌟 Mango Insert
🌟 3-toned Glaze

4️⃣Mango Moringa Éclair (nut-free version)
💚 Sunflower buckwheat base
💚 Mango Cream
💚 Moringa Cream
💚 Mango Insert
💚 2-toned Glaze

1️⃣Mango Moringa Strawberry Spheres
2️⃣Mango Moringa Strawberry Domes
3️⃣Mango Moringa Plated Dessert

Here’s what you get immediately when you sign up for this Spectacular Raw Cakes Course:
🔴A 30-page PDF course booklet containing step-by-step recipes, photos, tips & techniques on how to create your very own beautiful, nutritious raw cakes.

🔴A Bonus Materials PDF booklet which gives you even more ideas and suggestions on how to elevate your cakes by using modern plating techniques as well as various ways of experimenting with different components of your raw cakes.

🔴A total of 27 Videos that will guide you through making all these healthy, show-stopping raw cakes.

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