The Nut Place: Bringing Healthy Affordable Special Diet Food Options to Nigeria with Chigozie Bashua

TEASER: Meet Chigozie Bashua, the founder of The Nut Place, a nut processing company in Nigeria that processes edible nuts into gluten free products for middle and low income earners and helps people that are on a special diet to have access to healthy and affordable food options.

In the interview Chigozie shares about:

👉🏾 How she came across the idea while grocery shopping during a vacation abroad

👉🏾 How she launched the business from a corner in her mom’s kitchen

👉🏾 And how by developing processes and SOP’s for her staff she manages to continue her 9 to 5 job as an engineer in tech while at the same time growing her business.

She also talks about the benefit of pursuing a purposeful idea, how she got a practical education in how to process nuts by visiting processing plants in the UK and what her advice for young Nigerians is.

There is a lot of gold in this interview and we hope you’ll enjoy the conversation as much as we did.

Check out the full interview with Chigozie through the link in the comments.

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