The 7 Ingredients That Bake Everything

There are 7 musical notes that make up all songs.

There’s only 7 prime colors that create all others.

AND, there are only 7 ingredients that make EVERY baked good you can imagine.

From the French baguette to flaky baklava, from biscuits to brownies, scones to shortbread, the same 7 ingredients make them ALL.

The only difference is how you put them together.

We’ll go deep on these most important ingredients during The Care Free Cooks Code.

If you want to improve ALL of your baking, those 7 ingredients are much easier to focus on than the millions of baking recipes out there.

If you want to play guitar, isn’t it better to learn about musical notes instead of memorizing sheet music?

If you’re a painter, shouldn’t you know which two colors make green?

I’ll give you the keys to HOW baking works, and dive deeply into the elements and reactions that go on in your baked goods so you’ll be empowered to make decisions in your baking, change things for a desired outcome, or just enjoy consistently great results.

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