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Making a Mark Online Through Personal Recipes

Did you always have the secret desire to be acknowledged for your regular hard word in the kitchen? Do you believe yourself to be a gifted cook a la Martha Stewart (without the ankle bracelet)? You will be surprised to know that there is a simple yet effective way to demonstrate your cooking talent and present your personal recipes.

10 Step-By-Step Instructions To Home Organization

If you are longing for an ideal home organization plan, you should begin with minor tasks and proceed to undertake major tasks. The following are some step-by-step instructions that will help you learn about home organization in an effective manner.

Smoked Salmon Salad Nicoise Recipe With Herb Vinaigrette

You will impress your guests with this colorful salad niçoise recipe with smoked salmon. Featuring crunchy green beans, juicy tomatoes, and romaine lettuce, this salad fills your diet with healthy vitamins. This salad has the added benefit of feeding 4 – 8 people as an appetizer or first course.

Fish Recipes Are Fun And Healthy

Fish is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. They are very beneficial for reducing the risk of heart diseases, blood pressure, helps to prevent arthritis, prevent abnormal functioning of the heart and also promote healthy functioning of the brain. There are many good food recipes which help you to improve your health by providing necessary nutrients to your body.

Here Come the Holidays

Here it is a week from Thanksgiving, and I am doing exactly what I do every year, and that is waiting until the very last moment to buy the makings for Thanksgiving. You would think that I would be more organized. Not a chance, I have been operating by a organizational shoestring for many years.

Cool French Food Snob

As a child, he loved to be in the kitchen. And although is name is often mentioned in the same breath as the great French Chef Escoffier, Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin didn’t aspire to chefdom.

Fathers of French Cuisine – Escoffier

Unlike his predecessors, Auguste Escoffier cooked for the public. Not privately for royalty and high society as was the case for Antoine Careme.

Whole Foods Recipes: Where To Find Healthy, Great Tasting Recipes

Whole foods recipes can be tricky to master. Often you find yourself trying to cook with ingredients that you are unfamiliar with, which means that there is a chance that your family might not like the dish… the new flavors and textures can be very different from what you are used to eating. But, don’t worry, because there are many whole foods recipes available online that are both healthy and tasty!

Baked in Tradition

I was never very fond of squash, until I moved back to the East Coast. In fact, I don’t even think I thought about it much. Winter squash around here is as common as a cold.

Simple Little Pie

Thanksgiving is the best time of the year to roll out the pies. A few years back, I used to make about 6 pies, my neighbor’s husband was in Iraq, and I felt bad that she had to spend Thanksgiving without her sweetheart, so I had my husband truck over an apple pie. My other neighbors used to give me Gilfeather turnips and I returned the favor with a pie, and still another couple who were on a fixed budget, I sent a pie.

My Endless Love

My husband brought a pumpkin pie home last night, and I knew right then and there, it was the official kick-off to the holiday season. Incidentally, pumpkin pie is otherwise naked without Cool Whip. I enjoy real whipped cream, don’t get me wrong, but when you grow up with pumpkin pie and Cool Whip, there is nobody that will tell you otherwise.

Healthy Meal Ideas

Have a list of healthy meal ideas on hand is a great way to set yourself up for success with your healthy eating plan. I like to keep track of all of my favorite healthy recipes in a binder so that I have them on hand whenever I need to plan and prepare a meal. Here are a few healthy meal ideas for your collection:

3 Easy Holiday Sweet Treat Recipes for Giving or Family Eating

The Holidays are getting closer and we all are looking for things to give to friends and family. Here are three recipes I use when making a gift basket for the ones I love. They are easy to make and taste great. While you are at it, don’t forget to make some for your family.

A Perfect TeaTime Egg Less Cinnamon Cake

A light and flavorful egg less cinnamon cake. Perfect for tea time break.

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