Super Savoury Stuffed Peppers are gluten free, vegan, and incredibly satisfying!

This dish was so comforting to eat! With the rich flavours of the seared mushrooms, combined with the crunch of the nuts, and brightness from herbs and lemon, it hit all my tastebuds! To round it all out, the smokiness of the bell peppers really gives a satisfying, perfect bite.

For even more deep mushroom flavour, use mushroom stock, or dried mushrooms which have been rehydrated in hot water, as the liquid to cook your rice. Don’t forget to chop up those rehydrated mushrooms and add them into your dish.

I ate some of the left overs with eggs the next morning. They were delicious!


Bell PePpers
Jasmine Rice
button mushrooms
cremini mushrooms
olive oil
frozen corn
hemp seeds
walnut pieces
pecan pieces
basil, sage, thyme
lemon juice
salt & Pepper


cook Jasmine rice according to instructions on label

Slice and sear mushrooms, in olive oil, until brown

season with salt and pepper

add chopped herbs

add in walnuts and pecans to toast

cut two bell peppers in half. Scoop out sEeds. Add to a hot pan with a little olive oil, skin side down, to sear. When browned, flip over, add a lid to the pan, and cook, covered for five minutes.

when rice is parTly cooked, add frozen corn to pot, and finish cooking.

when finished, add in mushroom/Nut mixture. Top with hemp Seeds, salt, pepper, and drizzle with olive oil. Stir together

scoop into seared bell pepper halves. Finish with a squirt of lemon juice.

Music: Mes(s)merized
Musician: Philip E Morris

Created by InShot

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