Super Food | Reasons to eat Almonds | Health Benefits of Almonds | Food Goodies Vlog – 3

Super Food | Reasons to eat Almonds | Health Benefits of Almonds | Food & Health Vlog – 11

Almond Cookie (Ginger Bread) –
Almond Burfi –
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All Lite Food (Bringing health to your Kitchen) the blog, brings you its YouTube Channel All Lite Food. The channel’s purpose is to recreate all your favorite recipes to your favorite healthy recipes; our aim is to break down rich, caloric food into healthy & lite meals. Our goal is to make food that is great in taste and best for health.
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I am Shiva, a Dentist, Certified with Nutrition & Healthy Living. And Food and health.

The blog author of (All Lite Food, YouTube). Food is an important part of our health, but is most neglected, giving us “lifestyle diseases.” Here in All Lite Food, I try my best to make healthy recipes out of your favorite recipes to make your meal even more enjoyable.
All Lite Food (Bringing health to your Kitchen) the blog, brings you it’s YouTube Channel All Lite Food; the channel is all about healthy yet tasty food, including “Cook it Lite” Videos, where we will make all your favorite food to your Favorite Healthy Food. A food journey from dining out to best food destinations. Your requested “hashtag recipe,” which includes simple and easy cooking. The “Bake it Lite” blogs, videos for those who love baking and eating baked food. Kitchen talks, where we will talk about, Food and Nutrition. And you will also learn about Food Goodies. A whole new destination for you to discover the world of Food and Its Goodness. Let’s together cook & learn All Lite Food.
All Lite Food – The Concoction of food and health.
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1. Allergy information on certain foods is not provided, so please take care while going through the ingredients.
2. Calorie Information provided in the videos is taken from credible online sources. They are calculated from diet charts and nutritional facts. They may not be accurate as per your average daily calorie consumption.
3. Health benefits of food are taken from credible sources. But should not be considered to treat any clinical condition.
4. Please consult your healthcare provider before any major diet or lifestyle changes.

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