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Simple Tuna Salad Recipe You Can Make Before Work

Not only is this a simple tuna salad, Mediterranean style, but it is also an extremely healthy one. No processed ingredients are used and best of all, the top stays firmly on the mayo jar! This recipe will provide enough for several large plate servings where it is the main attraction or for many more where it is part of a larger catering operation such as a buffet.

Coffee Cappuccino Muffin

Muffins, this delicacy originally from the United States are decidedly now everywhere to be fund around the planet, for the very pleasure of consumers and cafe goers. Is this the result of globalisation? I would think so.

Green Tea Creme Brulee

A healthy substitute to coffee of black tea, green tea is now widely recognised as a healthy drink with numerous qualities, two of them being to reduce heart disease and cholesterol. With this in mind we can assume that adding this tasty leaf product to any kind of recipe can do no harm.

Crispy Coconut Disk Cookies

For the coconut lover this recipe will be without doubt well suited to them. Very crispy under the teeth this cookies is perfect to accompany an afternoon tea or as a snack. To be consumed moderately, high sugar content.

Great Tips in Preparing and Cooking Spinach

Many people do not like the taste of spinach. As a meticulous parent, you definitely want to jumpstart your family to a healthy Mediterranean diet but your kids simply won’t eat spinach. Here you will find helpful tips in preparing delightful meals out of this magic vegetable.

Quick Ways to Make Broccoli Masterpieces

Being high in carbohydrates and fiber, broccoli is an indispensable vegetable in the Mediterranean diet. The problem is a lot of individuals do not know how to prepare it. There are dozens and dozens of broccoli recipes and we would like to share with you a few that you will find enticing.

Baked Fish – Pescado Al Horno

The Filipino Baked Fish, also known as Pescado al Horno, is a popular dish from the Philippines. The Grouper used in the recipe is regionally called the “Lapu-Lapu” (Cephalopolis Miniata). Read on for an easy recipe with instructions, cooking tips, and nutritional details.

3 Easy Breakfast Recipes That Contain Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a great source of protein, with 14 grams in a 4 ounce serving. Here are 3 great easy breakfast recipes that contain cottage cheese.

3 Cottage Cheese Recipes – Perfect For Simple and Satisfying Meatless Meals

Looking for simple and satisfying meatless meals? Here are 3 delicious recipes that contain cottage cheese for an added boost of protein.

Best Places to Go For New Recipes Ideas

Once you know how to cook the biggest problem you are going to face is coming up with new things to cook. After a certain point you are going to find yourself cooking the same things over and over again, which for most people can be rather frustrating.

The Best Ever Barbecue Pizza Recipe

One of the all time favorite pizza styles is the barbecue pizza. Although some vegetable toppings are included usually barbecue pizzas are meat based. Some of the favorite options include chicken, sausage, meatballs, ham, salami and pepperoni. Regardless of the ingredients the sauce is what can make the difference between a fantastic barbecue pizza and a mediocre one and the sauce is what makes this pizza recipe fabulous. It takes a little extra time to make but it is worth it.

How to Make Khoya at Home – A Staple of Indian Cooking

Khoya is the Indian staple that is used in preparation of various Indian sweets. This is a milk based product. Preparing khoya might be a little time consuming and tedious task, as it requires the preparer to be present there all the time. But a little patience can pay off big time.

Salsa Made Easily With the Hand Mixer

Salsa has long been a cherished appetizer in American homes. The dish is the perfect snack for football watching parties and social events. It’s also a very fast and simple snack to make, particularly with a trusted hand mixer.

Grilled-Up Very Veggie Melt Recipe for Your Diet

It would be nice and delicious to eat your favourite bread and have grilled vegetables as a spread. On this summer, you can try something that can be a low fat dish at the same time a healthy one.

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