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Fruits – There Is Nothing Better

Fruits can prove to be the healthiest type of food as many people say, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ Fruits are generally high in fiber, water and vitamin C and at the same time, they are low in calories and do not lead to great amounts of weight gain. Fruits can be eaten during anytime of the day and they will help you feel better.

Cheap Dinner to Fit Within Your Budget

People with tight budgets prefer to grab a cheap dinner just to fill up their stomachs, rather than a lavish or extravagant one. Recipe books and websites can help us find cheap dinner recipes which fit within our budget. These dinner recipes will basically remove those ingredients that do not add much taste to the food being prepared.

Some Quick Lunch Ideas

In today’s day and age a quick lunch is eaten while working at your desk, walking to your next class, driving somewhere or talking on the phone. Lunch is the second main meal of the day, eaten around noon or four to five hours after breakfast. Our body needs re-fueling throughout the day for which three meals are necessary and additional snacks besides that can be included.

Fast and Easy Recipes for Drinks and Goodies for Kids’ Halloween Parties

Have a good time without working yourself into an early grave throwing your kids’ Halloween party. Check out these recipes for monster milk, mummy hot dogs, ghost sandwiches, and mad scientist punch.

High Protein Chicken Dish

High Protein meals can help you to both lose fat and gain muscle. That is why I will give you my favorite, easy to do, high protein recipe in this article. What you need: 400g of chicken breast Salt Pepper 60g of olives (without stone) 1 can of tomatoes (400g) 10 g of parsley 10g of basil 12g of mozzarella.

A Healthy Recipe: Substantial Breakfasts

It’s morning. Time to get up. After getting dressed, brushing your teeth and combing your hair, your first thoughts are of the report due at work. Or the homework you didn’t get finished last night. NO! You should be thinking “I’m hungry!” What’s for breakfast? Good you are on the right track since breakfasts are the most important meals of your days. Your food tank is empty and it needs refueled. Otherwise you will be inattentive, draggy and darn hungry.

Cooler Weather, Warmer Foods

As summer gives way to autumn, it becomes important for us to make appropriate changes in our diet to support our bodies in the cooler weather. This helps our body in many ways, especially when we look at the digestive processes from a Chinese medical point of view. Included here is a delicious recipe for Quick Sausage, White Bean & Spinach Stew – one of my favorites!

Chicken Noodle With Meatballs

Chicken Noodle is becoming an Indonesian breakfast dish. This happens over the influence of Chinese heritage. The Indonesian people who have Chinese descendants, or as we called it “Keturunan” or “Peranakan” likes to eat noodle as their everyday meal. This then becomes a new culture to the unique cultural blend, especially in big cities of Indonesia such as Jakarta, Surabaya and Medan.

Typical Spanish – Tortilla De Patatas Recipe

A rich Spanish tortilla The Tortilla or Spanish omelet is an ancestral recipe from Spain. This dish is always tasty: warm in winter or fresh out of the fridge for a snack outdoors in summer. It´s available to anyone, as it is very easy to cook and does not require much time: in 20 to 30 minutes it is ready to serve.

5 Cold Appetizer Recipes Great For Any Party

Today many people think of appetizers as chips and dips, and while these are always welcome, they are not the best or the only choice you have. I remember watching my mom and grandmother creating beautiful trays of appetizers to serve guests and they were always a subject of conversation. What a great way to break the ice at a gathering and give people something to talk about besides the latest sports scores. The art of fine dining and the creative appetizer does not have to fade into the fifties and sixties with the paisley and pink flowers. Here are some ideas to help make your next gathering a hit.

Desserts – Dessert Ideas For Parties

In our house desserts are the best part of the meal and during family gatherings our dessert tables are overflowing with a wide assortment of offerings. From pies and cakes, to cookies and brownies. But special occasions call for something a little out of the ordinary. Here are some ideas to make that next dessert table the hit of your party.

Indonesian Meatball Fried Rice

Rice is Indonesian everyday food. We, Indonesians, eat steamed rice 3 times a day.

Creative Cookie Ideas For Parties

I have never met anyone who didn’t like cookies. Everyone has a favorite that they choose over all others. Here are some fun ideas to give a twist to some old favorites just in time to grace your holiday gatherings. With a few ingredients you can satisfy that sweet tooth, even after that feast is over. Check out these selections using a surprise main ingredient.

Great Finger Foods to Make For Parties

Party season is just around the corner. Halloween is first up and here are some ideas to help make your Halloween party a success. Your decorations are killer, shouldn’t your food choices reflect the event. Adults and kids alike will appreciate your efforts and applaud your culinary skills. So, dress the table here come the goodies.

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