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How You Can Make Simple Dinner Recipes And More Using Recipes From Restaurants

Use recipes from restaurants to make simple dinner recipes quick and easy. Make meals just like your favorite restaurants right in your own home.

Recipe to Try: Salisbury Steak With Mashed Potatoes

One of the most ordered dish in my catering business of 4 years is my own version of Salisbury Steak with Mashed Potatoes. What makes this dish so good is the wonderful creaminess of milk topped in the juicy and tender beef patties. It is so easy to prepare and takes up less of your time especially when you are preparing for a big crowd.

Unusual Christmas Cookies

Are you getting a little bored with the same old sugar cookie cutouts that appear at almost every holiday gathering? Do the conventional holiday cookies you are familiar with fail to inspire you? I have hundreds of cookie recipes but it seems like I am always looking for something new. How about you? Have you tried cola gingerbread, or mayonnaise cookies?

Cookies – No Bake Cookie Recipes

Some of my childrens’ favorite cookies are those that are not cooked. Perhaps because they began helping to make them as young children. A favorite is still the crispy rice cereal treat, with a surprise added, but there are several others that they still ask for. Here are some of our favorite no-bake cookie concoctions.

The Art of Entertaining at Home With Salmon “Caviar”

From television and movies, most people have a decent understanding that caviar is a delicacy; a rich food made for rich people. Children and those who have simply never made the connection, are often a bit grossed out to hear that caviar actually consists of salted and cured ripe fish ovaries, or egg masses of fish. The traditional ‘caviar’ comes from sturgeon roe, and is a product of Eastern Europe and Russia. Various cultures, however, have their own version of caviar, with the roe coming from seafood species as varied as shrimp, crab, sea urchin, scallop and salmon. In Japan, for example, salmon roe is known as ikura and can often be found atop dishes or delicacies like sushi. It’s not expensive to buy such a product everywhere, but in the many regions of the world where it’s considered a delicacy, roe can be quite a splurge.

Casserole Culture Family Cooking Makes a Comeback With Canned Salmon

Where did the idea of a nice dinner casserole, crock pot meal or bake go? While they may still pop up from time to time in kitchens across the country, the concept of a casserole as it stood somewhere around the 1950s seems to have disappeared into the legends of Americana. Perhaps fortifying the woodwork which holds up the institution of the modern kitchen, today’s ‘casserole’ concept is a meal which comes in a bag or a box. Although rarely described as gourmet, a casserole or bake was a quick and easy meal that drew largely on at-hand ingredients. Such is the boxed, bagged, frozen, or otherwise ‘nearly’ ready to eat dinner today.

Italian Recipe – Bucatini Amatriciana

A normal Italian recipe: Bucatini can be a tube noodle somewhat wider than spaghetti. I often utilize penne instead of bucatini. Amatriciana is often a kind of traditional Italian soy which emanates from this town of Amatrice, Italy.

My Favourite Beef Ho Fun Recipe

I make Beef Ho Fun the way my father makes it. He likes nothing better than to use his freedom pass to take the bus up to China Town, pick up some Fresh Ho Fun from Lo’s Noodle Factory, and cook us a gourmet treat for dinner in the evening.

Prawn With Spicy Lemon Sauce

This dish has a wonderful taste, fresh prawns with lemon aroma, a bit spicy, and beside the lemon aroma, it also has the cilantro aroma. The combination is just marvellous.

Buckwheat Pancakes – A Breakfast Recipe With Essential Oils

Pancakes are one of my favored special weekend breakfasts. Buckwheat pancakes with essential oils for added taste can be a great alternative to traditional pancakes! But with a tendency to having low blood sugar, I have to stay away from traditional pancakes.

How to Serve Prawns For The Entire Family

Incorporating more seafood into your diet is not as hard as it might seem at first. If you are willing to experiment, and have a decent source of fresh Alaskan fish near to your home, you will quickly find that grilling a delicious salmon fillet, or baking some whitefish with lemon and butter is just as easy as making a chicken or pasta dish for a weeknight dinner. Soon, your entire family will come to love the deliciously flaky taste of fish, and you will all be the healthier for it.

The Right Salmon Helps Make the Perfect Meal

Salmon is one of the best foods that you can eat for a wide variety of reasons. It’s just one of those things that you’d be hard-pressed to get enough of. That’s because it’s high in vitamins and minerals, low in fat, high in omega-3 fatty acids, and convenient to prepare. If you always want to have a nutritious meal close by, keep your pantry stocked with canned salmon from Alaska. Armed with a few canned salmon recipes, you’ll be able to create a healthy meal or snack anytime you’re ready.

Tasty Ways to Get Salmon Into Your Diet

Salmon is a popular dish that is featured on restaurant menus around the world. It can be prepared in countless ways. Making dishes with fresh ingredients is great when you have the extra time for it. Yet the reality is that most people lead busy lives and they rarely keep fresh fish stocked in their fridge. Creating dishes from recipes with canned salmon is not just one of the most practical options; it is also a scrumptious way to get salmon into your diet.

Cheap Salmon Recipes For All of the Family

Most people would love to eat more salmon on a regular basis. Who does not enjoy a hearty bagel with a dollop of cream cheese, topped off with some delicious Alaskan lox? Or what about the endless variety of sushi roles that include the beautiful orange fish? Even simply enjoying a nice cut of salmon fillet, baked in the oven with a little bit of juice from a lemon and butter can be an out-of-this-world experience if you take the time to enjoy each distinct and warming flavor.

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