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Favorite Product Exercise (BBQ)

The love for barbecuing has been one of my family traditions from generation to generation. The thought of picking out great cuts of meat to smoking the meat in flavor wood chips. The time taken to prepare a world classic barbecue rib with the enjoyment of spending time with the ones you love.

Homemade Southern Style Biscuits

Warning: Biscuits are not health food! There’s nothing more Southern than homemade biscuits and while seemingly simple, scratch made biscuits are often difficult to master.

General Tso’s Chicken on Christmas

Ever ate at a Chinese food place and had a certain chicken called “General Tso’s Chicken”? The sweet chicken with a hint of spice.

Rosemary Lamb With Potato Fritters

Rosemary Lamb with Potato Fritters. Here is a fairly easy recipe to make for a delicious meal of lamb, potato fritters and a tasty salad.

The Many Different Vegetables And Fruit Juicing Recipes That Are Good For Your Health

Juice your way to a fit and energetic lifestyle with a daily dose of fresh fruits and vegetables in a glass. There are variety of products used in your juicer drink which is a matter of taste and preference, however, the basic ingredients for optimal well-being could be found in every grocery store. Creating fabulous juicing recipes is up to your own creative powers; however, here are a couple of recipes to get you moving in the right direction. Note: if you’re using an extract juicer, one which separates the juice from the pulp, a banana does not yield any liquid and, hence, should not be dropped into your juicer.

Carrot Cookies and Chocolate Scotcheroos

Do you like peanut butter, chocolate and Rice Krispies? If you do, you should try this recipe for Chocolate Scotcheroos. It contains peanut butter, Rice Krispies, chocolate morsels and butterscotch morsels. Also, try this recipe for carrot cookies. It is a great substitute for carrot cake.

Making The Best Tacos

This article provides a recipe on how to make the best possible tacos. Follow this recipe, and you will have people raving on your taco making skills!

Cupcakes for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the holiday to give expression of gratitude and thanks. It is a celebration, and acknowledgment of goodness. It’s observed with a legal Holiday, parades broadcast on television, and sales in the department stores the day after. If possible, it is a time to be with loved ones and friends. The elaborate feasts, the turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce. My son’s favorite, the after dinner football game on television with another slice of pumpkin pie. All of which we are thankful for. I for one, am thankful for cupcakes.

Making Quesadillas for Toddlers

If you are looking for a great recipe for toddlers, then you should consider quesadillas. They are a healthy snack, and will keep your toddler’s belly full of goodness.

Full Flavor Turkey Burgers – Low in Fat

To get that full flavor for our turkey burgers we start out with lean ground turkey and add ingredients to the meat. This will give it the taste and flavor we are looking for while keeping it low in fat. You don’t have to buy the most expensive meat but not the worst either. Stay with the budget that you have set.

Find A Christmas Fruit Cake You Enjoy

Traditionally fruit cakes are the cake for Christmas cakes in may countries, but not everybody likes a traditional fruit cake. It is quite reasonable to make changes to the types of Christmas cake you have if a rich fruit cake is not to your taste. There are some wonderful recipes available.

Fruit Buns Recipe

This fruit buns recipe is prepared with blueberries hence can also be named as blueberry buns. You can also add some other dried fruits and nuts to make this bun more flavorful.

Cookies for Christmas Add That Touch Of Tradition

What is it about Christmas and Cookies? Talk to anyone who enjoys the Christmas festive season and they will have their favorite cookie. It might be a gingerbread, a cookie decorated by their very own child, or something else that brings back happy memories from the past. Christmas is an emotional time catching up with family and friends and providing delicious meals, snacks, cookies and cakes is just part of the fun.

Leaving the Fast Food Nation

Do you ever have those days when you search in vain for dinner? I have those days all the time. I am not sure if it is because I cook for a living, or it is because I have eaten it already.

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