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Benefits Of Juicing Recipes

Taking care of family nutrition is something that every mother does. Nowadays, kids, and also grownups are getting inclined towards fast food and nutritional value is vanishing immensely. If you have tried to include fruits and vegetables in diet but all your efforts, have gone in vain then need not be worried.

Spicy Vegetable Griddle Cakes With Chickpea (Channa) Flour and Cake Flour

These vegetable griddlecakes are quick and inexpensive to make, can be stored in the fridge as one usually makes too many to be used at once and are versatile. Use them for snack meals around the pool, as additions to a barbecue or for picnic meals. They also go well with drinks and might even be popular in lunch boxes. If channa flour is not available, simply use cake flour.

Kabanosy – The Wonderful Polish Meat Sticks

Kabanosy is one of the most popular types of Polish sausages and may as well be considered the finest meat stick in the world. The name of one sausage is actually “Kabanos” but in most cases customers will buy a few of them, hence the plural name “Kabanosy.” The name Kabanosy comes from the nickname “kabanek” which was given to a young fat pig, no more than 120 kg (264 lbs) in weight that was fed mainly potatoes in XIX Poland and on former Polish territories known today as Lithuania.

How to Make Head Cheese Without Head Meat

Head cheese was originally made from pork head meat, back fat, tongue and pork skins. Unfortunately this little appealing name has stuck with the product. In other countries the word head is not part of the name so a customer is more likely to buy it.

Cake Recipes a Wonderful Thing

Cakes remain popular all through the ages. The looks and flavors change, so does the richness. Nuts, fruits, biscuits, chocolates etc are used to enhance the flavor of the already delicious cakes.

Pie Recipes – Find Out More

Pies are indeed a special treat which we all enjoy. They can be made with fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken and meat. The rich and healthy pies can make a delicious substitute for a meal.

Thanksgiving Dinner? Try Some Corn Pudding

Dessert is anybody’s favorite part of the meal. After a spicy yummy main course, it is time for a sweet, cold dish that leaves you smacking your lips. It has to be tempting, delicious and just out of this world.

A Pumpkin Pie Recipe for You

Pumpkins mark the season of fall. Once the pumpkins start growing in abundance it will fill the farms, grocery stores and farmer’s markets. People love to make dishes and decorate the houses using pumpkins.

Lip Smacking Condensed Milk Fudge Recipes

Fudge by it self is yummy. When fudge is made adding condensed milk they become yummier! The simple to make fudge recipes with the extra taste of condensed milk will be a sure hit with children as well as adults.

Try Cooking a Greek Recipe: Moussaka With Tzatziki Side Dish

As someone who enjoys gathering my friends and family together for a good meal, I understand the food culture upon which Greece is built. The essence of Greek food culture is that the food is secondary to the atmosphere, conversation, and friendships developed while sharing a meal. Sharing and eating out are treasured traditions. Let’s try a traditional Greek recipe today and continue our adventures in global food culture.

Rosti Potatoes (Swiss Potato Pancake)

Rosti Potatoes, sometimes spelled Roschti Potatoes according to Swiss German, was originally a breakfast dish enjoyed by farmers in the Swiss Canton of Bern. Many Swiss people consider Rosti to be a national dish. This particular variation includes fresh smoked ham, which was an advent of the Swiss and German settlers in Northeastern Ohio’s Amish Country.

Potato Pancakes or Latkes – Three Quick and Simple Recipes

Potato Pancakes, also known as Potato Latkes, are a popular potato recipe because they are crispy and delicious. This mouth-watering dish can be prepared in a variety of ways including the traditional fried version, as lower fat baked potato latkes and also as Sweet Potato Pancakes, fried or baked. All of these recipes are guaranteed to please your family and friends particularly during Chanukah, the Festival of Lights.

Football, Facebook and When’s Half-Time?

I was reading through my Facebook page today, enjoying the updates from my friends, past and present. Funny, so many have the same theme, football. I watch it some, but I have to have my oldest son re-explain the rules to me every year.

Speedy and Satisfying Cream of Potato-Onion Soup

When the temperature drops we want to eat warm, comforting food and nothing is quite as comforting as potato soup. Most recipes include onions or leeks for flavor. Instead of rinsing sand from leeks, peeling and chopping potatoes, this quick recipe uses instant potato flakes. You’ll love it!

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