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Whole Wheat Cookies AKA Whole Wheat Biscuits – A Brief Summary and Recipe

Whole wheat sugar cookies and whole wheat flour cookies are best cooked with soft wheat, which comes in two varieties; “Red Winter” and “White”. This article offers a recipe as well as some tips for next time you bake these delightful treats.

Ham Recipe – Authentic British Ham and Cheese Pastry

Since moving back to the UK, one of the things I have enjoyed the most is being able to eat some of the delicious baked pastries we have. For some reason, pastries have never really taken off in other parts of the world. Today I’d like to show you how to make a delicious ham and cheese pastry that will really make you feel like you’re back in good old Blighty.

Cooking With Children: Healthy Ideas

Cooking with children can be a fun and delicious way to spend more time with your kids. Kids typically enjoy baking cupcakes and cookies and other not-so-healthy foods. If you start cooking better food with your kids early on, you can start a healthy pattern that will last a lifetime.

Swedish Potato Sausage (Potatis Korv)

Swedish sausages are known to contain potatoes and they are simply delicious. Grilled sausage served with potatoes tastes great so why not combine both elements, meat and potato, and stuff them into a casing. Swedish potato sausage is a classical sausage.

5 Stuffing Recipes That Are Great With Turkey, Goose, Chicken or Duck

Looking for something different for the turkey this year? Perhaps you are searching for a stuffing that will go well with that Goose you have decided to prepare. Either way, here are 5 recipes you can serve with pride with your Turkey, Goose, or even a baked chicken dinner. Give one, or all a try, but be sure to keep these recipes handy for any day of the year.

History of Noodles and a Simple Noodle Recipe

Noodles are eaten around the world and present in many cultures, but where do they originally come from? The first noodles ever were believed to have been made around 5000BC somewhere in the middle east, but probably bore little resemblance to what we eat today. Around the year 300 the Chinese began to form whole grain paste into various noodle like foodstuffs, and 200 years later they shared their knowledge of noodle making (as well as Buddhism) with Japan.

Recipe For Grilled Barbeque Chicken

For delicious barbeque chicken, follow this quick and easy recipe which will serve a family of four. It is preferred that this method flavor be maximized by outdoor grilling with hickory wood charcoal, but this can be adapted to indoor oven cooking as well with proper marination time.

Benefits That You Can Get From Eating Shrimps

Many of us are seafood lovers. We love to eat salmon, crabs, shrimps, oysters, squid and other seafoods. Fish is considered the most popular seafood. It is widely consumed all over the world. The second most popular seafood is the shrimp.

Christmas Is Coming, the Goose Is Getting Fat – Tips For Cooking Goose

Several years ago I lived in South Dakota where Goose was plentiful. As a result I collected some of the best recipes for cooking goose I have ever tasted. Here are some of the tips I learned and a couple of recipes you may want to try.

Holiday Appetizer Recipes

These appetizer recipes offer a fresh take on what to bring to your next holiday potluck. For Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve, home cooks can wow their guests with new, delicious flavors and old favorites re-imagined.

Holiday Appetizers – 3 Easy Christmas Appetizers

Holidays are a time for gathering together with family and friends around tables laden with delicious food. But what to do before the main meal is ready? Here are three easy appetizers I keep on standby during the holiday season. They are quick, easy, and oh so good.

Zucchini Bread Recipe

Most people who make bread at home are always looking for new recipes and one of the nicest and strangest is the zucchini recipe and it is a lovely bread recipe. The Zucchini is a popularly summer squash which often grows to nearly a meter in length (very big for a fruit), but in most cases they are harvested at half that size or less. The courgette is more commonly used in the United Kingdom. Zucchini is a dark or light green colors, and generally have a similar shape to a ridged cucumber.

Summer Is the Time for BBQ Food

Winter has ended, spring has started, and summer will soon arrive. Now is the appropriate time to take out your barbecue grill and start grilling. BBQ food is best way to begin a wonderful summer. With the wonderful aroma of grills spreads across the lanes of towns all over the US, there is a theme that fills the wind. Summer has arrived; it’s the time to burn some charcoal in the grill and let’s have fun in the sun.

Christmas Recipes – How to Make Peppermint Bark

Peppermint Bark seems to be one of those recipes that I am often asked for. There are many good recipes available and many cookbooks will contain at least one. Here are some of my favorite versions of this delicious candy. Your Christmas will never be the same once you serve any, or all, of these to your family and guests so beware, you may be making these for years to come.

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