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Tangy Prawn Curry and Rice

Simply yummy! You will love this tangy spicy dish. Serves 2 as main course.

Salmon Fillet Recipes – A Low Calorie Recipe

Salmon is considered as a healthy food. It contains high protein, high Omega-3 fatty acids, and high vitamin D content. It is also proven to be a good way to reduce the chance of heart diseases. Additionally, it is versatile, inexpensive as well as delicious. Today, I am going to make a low calorie salmon fillet! Now keep reading!

Plain Cheesecake Recipe – A Top Restaurant Menu Recipe

Plain cheesecake comes to many minds the very pure cheese cake that has no impressive and colorful decoration such as fruit cakes, Funky cakes, and so on. It is just as plain as its name. However, it is the irresistible taste that attracts millions. Today, I am going to introduce a very famous cake – beloved by many people, honored on many restaurant menus – New York Style Cheesecake!

The Wonders of the Pressure Cooker

Learn about pressure cookers. Learn about old models versus the new and improved models. This article also includes an easy recipe idea using your pressure cooker.

Authentic Italian Recipes and Quality Ingredients Allow You to Prepare Appetizing Dishes

Authentic Italian Recipes come from home and Cooking is directly based on tradition, climate, seasonality and some products of the areas of origin. Cooking, in Italy, wasn’t an invention of the upper classes, but was developed by the common people, inured to fight against adversity and armed with experience, ability, and imagination. Authentic Italian Cookbooks are a fun and easy way to learn to prepare high quality food for you and your family. Generally, it can be done in a short time. After that, you’ll be able to treat your family to “Gourmet” choice dishes.

Sausage Egg and Cheese Croissant Recipe

One way to start your day off on a good note is to have a sausage, egg and cheese croissant for breakfast. This is a great breakfast on your day off or when you’re on vacation. So bring a cup of coffee, the newspaper and an appetite.

The Most Popular Secret Restaurant Recipes – No It’s Not What You Think

People from all over the world are looking for a way to cook their favorite restaurant meals at home. These are the most sought after recipes almost everyone is searching for.

Copycat Restaurant Recipes Vs Original Restaurant Recipes – How The Copycats Win

For decades, professional foodies have been trying to perfect the art of copying a restaurant meal. Here’s what the successful copycats look for.

5 Minute Tuna Curry With Leftover Rice

Do you sometimes get unexpected guests for dinner and need to cook something in a hurry? Or maybe you have been working late and are avoiding the dreaded unhealthy take-away but want something in 5 minutes. This is a very quick meal I prepared in less than 5 minutes.

Recipes – Moist Chocolate Cupcakes

The most popular recipe would still be chocolate cake recipes. If you search in the Internet, you will come up with thousands of different chocolate cake recipes. Pictures would should you sumptuous looking cakes to the most intricate ones.

How to Make an Eggplant Salad

I love eggplant salad, I don’t know if the recipe is known in other parts of the world, but in my country it’s quite common. At every meal I like to eat meat, this salad being the only thing I can eat without thinking of a nice juice stake. This recipe is easy to prepare and easy to eat, seriously I’m a guy, how many cooking skills do you think I have.

The Best Raw Food Recipes – The Staples of a Raw Food Diet

The concept of a raw food diet has been around for centuries. Many people and communities have experienced the astounding benefits that they can have on the body. But in a world where culinary excellence, taste, and flavor are prized, many recipes can seem bland and flavorless in comparison to their cooked counter-parts.

Dirt Cake With Gummy Worms Recipe for Kids

Looking for a super easy recipe to make for your kids? a dirt cake with gummy worms is so easy you can make it WITH your kids. Its perfect for a party.

Raw Food Soup Recipes – 2 Easy Recipes!

Here are two of my favorite easy raw food soup recipes that you can make with a blender. These raw food soup recipes are perfect for a warm summers day or a light lunch.

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