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Try and Resist This Roast Beef Recipe

Roast beef has been an all time favorite for Filipinos. There are many varieties and ways of cooking it and this is one good way of how to prepare it. There is no strict rule on how to cook roast beef Filipino style and often, families have their own ways of preparing it. Visit the Philippines and you will see dozens of varieties on how roast beef is prepared but even though there may be many changes in the ways of preparation, roast beef always finds its way in the center of the table being number one.

Greek Recipes – Super Salads

Greek food makes use of a wide variety of delicious, natural ingredients including olive oil, fresh vegetables and herbs, raw grains, and a variety of meats. Plus, of course, feta cheese. With Greek food even a salad is a delicious delicacy, and here’s a couple of recipes you can make in your own home!

Mouth Watering Pork Adobo

Pork adobo is very popular in the Philippines. It is the most popular Filipino dish enjoyed by all classes. It is so popular that it is often in the weekly menu.

Healthy Apple Pizzas for Everybody

I never had the pleasure of trying apple pizza until one time when I was with my son at a party. Before I believed that pizzas are with sliced sausages, mushrooms and cheese and nothing else but after my first apple tart pizza, I kept coming back for more. I also wanted to learn how to prepare apple tart pizza and have asked and searched around and I think that these two are the best recipes.

Nutritious Nilagang Baboy (Boiled Pork)

Boiled pork or “Nilagang Baboy” is another Filipino recipe that is easy to make that you just throw everything in the pot and let it cook until tender. Nilaga in Filipino means boiled and baboy means pork. It can be with pork or beef of any kind you like and just add the vegetables of your choice.

Caja China/Cajun Microwave Recipes: Whole Pig Roast

Whether you call your Roasting Box a Caja China, Cajun Microwave, or Caja Asadora, the number one reason you have it is probably to go, what we call, “whole hog.” We’re here to walk you through the entire process, from starting the fire to carving the roast pig.

Southern Comfort

Something about the threat of snow, makes me want to rush out and fill my refrigerator with comfort food. Nothing says loving like a home cooked meal. That is why, I have always been a fan of diners, because they serve classics that your Grandma used to make.

Recipes for Hummus – Tips to Make Them Better

If healthy eating is important to you, one thing that you may want to try is making hummus at home. Here are some tips to make your favorite hummus recipe even better!

Two Sweet Spaghetti Recipes That Your Kids Will Love

Everybody loves spaghetti. Spaghetti is an italian word, the plural form of spaghetto in fact, which means “little lines”. It comes from the word Spago, meaning “thin string” or “twine”.

Steps To Make A Festive Season Better With A Good Recipe

The festive season comes with the joy of having great family and friends get-togethers. What about new recipes to make celebrate the occasion? Find out how weighing your ingredients can help you celebrate the season better.

Quick to Make Chicken Breast Recipe: Tasty Chicken Delight

I simple adore chicken. Infact I have never come across anyone who does not love chicken. Breast part of the chicken is very easy and quick to make and as such you can serve as a meal even for the large gatherings.

Rice Pork Sausage

Rice pork sausage is a delicious and economical product. Rice is easily and thoroughly digested, and for this reason is often served to children and sick.

Chicken Burgers and a Tantrum

If you’re like me, you have no patience. Which means that a tantrum at 5pm is bad news for both you and said tantrum architect. But before you do something you’ll be sorry for later, quickly place junior in a very long time-out and take your aggression out on a nice package of ground chicken.

Blue Moons, Ice Skates, and Cocoa

So, I took my youngest son ice skating, wow, I forgot how fun it could be. I was moved strongly twice to rent some skates and get out on the ice with my son. However, fear got the better of me, and I quietly chided myself, for not being more outgoing.

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