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Chicken or Veal Marsala

You can Wow your guests with this one! This is such an easy and fast dish to make but very impressive.

Best Corn Chowder

This is the best corn chowder I ever made! The cold weather is coming and the fresh corn is still available to make this yummy soup.

Delicious Big Sandwich Recipe For The Hungry Ones

Everybody likes a sandwich, no matter what season of the year. This tasty sandwich recipe will make you and your hungry family members happy.

How to Create a Homemade Beef Pot Pie

One of our favorite comfort foods as children may have been the pot-pie. Chicken, turkey, or beef with vegetables in a hearty sauce and all wrapped up in a flaky pastry. What is not to love. You can still have that homemade pot pie with just a little effort at home. Don’t think you will be getting something like those frozen varieties you find at the market. This is the stuff memories are made of.

The Joy of Baking Poppy Seeds Bread From Scratch

Discover the enjoyment of baking poppy seeds bread from scratch. Obtain all the general skills and ingredients you need to create a successful poppy seed bread recipe. Anybody can make their own poppy seed loaf.

Oriental Surf and Turf – Chicken and Shrimp With Cubed Potatoes

To prepare the cubed potatoes, diced some potatoes and saute them in a pan. Let them cook until they are nicely caramelised. Add in some butter to enrich the flavors and sprinkle some seasoning (salt and pepper).

Cabbage Casserole

This cabbage casserole recipe is bit different form other casserole recipes which are quite juicy and lusty. This cabbage casserole is somehow dry but its crisp potato crust enhances its flavor and you get all the delicious flavor of juicy cabbage with beef and taco sauce and crispy from sides and base.

Easy Toasted Walnut Pesto

On those few-and-far-between weekends when I haven’t crammed a million activities into my play schedule, I love to spend time at home, relaxing in the kitchen. After loading up on fresh ingredients at the store, I throw on some fresh jammies, crank up a favorite playlist, whip up a high ponytail and clear the decks.

Get Your Best Recipe Book

Need new recipes to make for your family? Get a book that will show you it all.

How To Cook Angelic Potatoes With A Pressure Cooker

You can use the Angelic Potatoes recipe for preparing a nice and tasty dish for your meals and give it a good twist. You can use the Angelic Potatoes as a nice garnish for a number of roasts and even for cooked fish. You can also use Angelic Potatoes in accompaniment of mixed vegetables and such dishes.

Pfeffernusse German Cookies Recipe

This is a traditional recipe for Pfeffernusse cookies which are often made in Germany during the Christmas holiday season. They are spicy, crisp, peppery cookies which are wonderful for dunking in milk or coffee.

Use Kosher Wine To Make Your Favorite Kosher Meals

If you have a favorite kosher wine, try it out in these delicious recipes. Try these recipes out at your next dinner party or family gathering – they’re sure to become quick favorites!

Yorkshire Puddings Recipe

The next time you’re cooking a roast dinner, why not cook some Yorkshire puddings to go with it. They are very easy to make and everybody seems to love them. This recipe will make around 12 small Yorkshire puddings or one large one.

Healthy Chicken Recipes: They’ll Never Miss the Fat

Do what is best for your family’s health and give them delicious, indulgent meals at the same time. Healthy chicken recipes give you a myriad of ideas for creating meals they will love that are also good for the bodies and their hearts.

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