Pumpkin Krispies Treats!

Healthy and Delicious Kid-Approved Dinner Recipes To Try

It’s not easy thinking what to prepare every day for dinner especially if you have a picky eater at home. Try these yummy dinner recipes that are kid-approved!

3 Campfire Pie Recipes For Your Next Outdoor Trip

Are you a fan of pie? Enjoy your favorite at your next outdoor trip by trying these delicious campfire pie recipes!

Best Indian Litti Choka Recipe

Best Indian Litti Choka recipe most famous cuision and also so much lovable food of Bihar, Jharkhand and eastern Utter Pradesh. Litti Choka is looks like dal batti of Rajasthan but it’s completely different in taste as well as in recipe. The best Indian Litti Choka recipe is made with sattu, grinded gram nut or Chana served with chokha made out of potato, brinjal and tomato and a bowl of melted pure desi ghee.

3 Healthy Fall-Inspired Snacks That Are Great For Kids

Fall is finally here! Get your kids in the spirit of the season with these healthy fall-inspired snacks that they will absolutely love!

3 Oh-So-Yummy Summer Snacks For Kids

Want your children to snack on something yummy but refreshing this summer time? Try these easy oh-so-yummy summer snacks for kids!

Red Tea Detox: Turn Your Body Into A Calorie Burning Machine

Imagine a scenario in which I disclosed to you that there is an approach to physically shrinking your fat cells! Would it sound unbelievable? What if I told you of an incredible tasty tea that will help you achieve not only fat drop but shrink the fat cell as well? Would you believe me? Please, read on to discover for yourself!

3 Healthy and Yummy Kid-Friendly Smoothie Recipes To Help Your Child Eat Healthier

Having difficulty feeding your toddler fruits and vegetables? Prepare any of these delicious kid-friendly smoothies and they won’t know they’re eating healthy!

FSSAI Proposed: Adulterant May Lead to Life Imprisonment and Penalty Up to Rs 10 Lakh

The Food safety and standards authority of India (FSSAI) had issued a draft of amendments to Food Safety and Standards (FSS) Act and recommended a stringent punishment of life imprisonment and fine of Rs. 10 lakhs to the person nabbed in case of food adulteration.

3 Healthy Snacks For Kids To Make This Summer

As parents, it is our responsibility to be on top of what our children eat. We have to make sure that they enjoy what they consume, but at the same time prevent them from eating too much sugar or food with no nutritional value.

Mouth-Watering Sausage Recipes We Bet You Haven’t Tried

Are you a sausage fan? It doesn’t matter if you’re not, these delicious sausage recipes will surely make your mouth water!

Hearty Omelette Recipes That Will Make You A Breakfast Person

If you usually skip breakfast food for coffee, think again! These easy yet satisfying omelette recipes will change the way you think about breakfast!

Two Chia Seed Protein Pudding Recipes

Chia seed protein pudding packs a healthy punch. It’s loaded with healthy nutrients such as omega-3’s, fiber, calcium and iron. It’s easy to make and is a great option for a healthy breakfast, snack or dessert.

A Healthier And Easier Way To Make Yogurt

Yogurt is a creamy and delicious food full of essential nutrients that make it one of the healthiest foods that can be made at home. Often people turn to store-bought yogurt instead of making it at home when they face issues like yogurt turning out sour or watery. But the store-bought yogurt is not a good alternative because it is full of artificial additives and sweeteners that are unhealthy, like gelatin (glue made from animal bones), pectin (a bio-polymer acid, lab-made ingredient), etc. And all the good stuff is processed out through processes like ultra-pasteurization etc. Why get a compromised or even unhealthy version of this great food when you there is a healthier and easier way to make yogurt at home!

3 Easy One-Pot Camping Meals For Your Next Outdoor Trip

You don’t have to eat just hot dogs when you’re sleeping outdoors. Try these easy one-pot camping meals on your next trip!

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