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Make Your Own Apple Cider: An Easy Christmas Juice Recipe

Traditionally a Christmas recipe, Apple cider when made from freshly pressed Apples is known to lower cholesterol and improve general lung health. In the UK, Apple cider is traditionally left to ferment and hence alcoholic, but today I’ll be taking you step by step through the process of making your non-alcoholic version. Ingredients: You don’t actually need that many ingredients other than the Apples themselves, but you will need to ready a little set of tools to you.

Chop Onions Without Crying, and a Deliciously Simple Emmental Onion Soup Recipe

Onions are perhaps one of the most versatile vegetables – soft or crunchy, caramelized – they are one of natures richest flavors. Most people hate chopping onions though, understandably because they inevitably bring a tear to your eyes – but why, and how can you stop it from happening? The answer lies in chemistry – the onion belongs to a family of plants that absorb sulphur from the earth and creates a class of volatile organic molecules called “amino acid sulfoxides”.

An Original Lentil Recipe: Lentils With Bacon and Banana

When most people think of lentils, they think of vegetarians and mushy soup. Well that needn’t be the case and I’m going to show you a healthy and unique lentil recipe today that certainly isn’t designed for vegetarians. Why would a non-vegetarian possibly eat lentils though, I often ask myself? Simple – they’re one of the 5 most healthy foods in the world!

Quick, Easy, Healthy Recipe: The Classic Chicken Sandwich

I feel like sandwiches have been getting a bad reputation lately, along with a whole bunch of other foods that are good for you actually – like turkey fat! The problem arises when people turn to fast food chains to make their sandwiches for them instead. The fact is that the way the meal is prepared and the ingredients used – not the actual content of the meal – is where the major health problems arise.

Try an Authentic Japanese Recipe: Teriyaki Chicken

Teriyaki is one of those words Japanese that we’ve amalgamated into the English language and now appears everywhere – like Samurai, Ninja – but unlike those mythical knights of old, Teriyaki sauce is actually quite easy to make yourself and isn’t so much of a secret. Today I’ll show you the ingredients you need to make your own Teriyaki sauce and give a few serving suggestions for a light meal. Of course, Teriyaki sauce is commonly associated with chicken, but if you’re vegetarian then there’s no reason to not try it with fried tofu or soy-based meat substitutes.

Try an Authentic Italian Recipe: Popizze Bread

Popizze are savoury fried dough balls, similar to what we might call Fritters. If you followed along with my previous Roman Soup recipes, Popizze would make a nice accompaniment, so today I’d like o teach you how to make those. Other names this recipes are referred to by are “Pe’ttue” or “Sicilian Crispelle”.

Delicious and Easy Way to Make Apple Recipe

I have a weakness for sweets. I just simply love sweets. Infact I can say dessert meal is my most favorite course of the meal. It hardly matters if it’s the recipe especially made for vacations or wedding or birthdays-a dessert is also welcome.

A Mouth Watering Baked Apple Recipe

Are you looking for some baking dessert recipes? If yes, then you have come to the correct page where you can get a very effortless baking recipe of apple. Apples are the healthiest fruits and therefore I try to make my family eat apple everyday. They are really high in vitamin C, iron and fiber. They keep the teeth healthy and strengthen the gum. It also helps in maintaining good digestion as it prevents constipation.

Easy One-Pot Recipes

One-pot meals save you a lot of time. Nothing can be compare with the mouth-watering tastes from a pot of simmering cuisine. It is one of the simplest types of cookery. Give it a try, and you will agree with me.

Gluten Free Eggs Benedict Strata

Toasted and combined with Canadian bacon, soaked overnight in a simple mixture of eggs and milk then topped with a quick, blender hollandaise, this strata has all the flavor of Eggs Benedict without all that pesky last minute work. Your guests will feel special and cared for and you will retain your sanity – which will make you more inclined to having house guests in the future.

Gluten Free, Dairy Free Pear Cranberry Almond Crumble

Gluten free, dairy free, sweet, crunchy and best of all, simple, this crumble is special enough for a Thanksgiving feast but easy and homey enough for a weeknight dinner. Kind of perfect, right?

A Pair of Delicious Enchilada Recipes

Enchiladas are a traditional Mexican dish that are both delicious and fun to make in the kitchen yourself. Here’s a couple of recipes to make your own.

A Little Bit Sweet, A Little Bit Tart: Balsamic Vinegar Adds Sass to Classic Recipes

Throughout culinary history there exists one often overlooked pair we cannot not do without: olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Whether dipping or tossing it with greens, this dynamic duo packs a high-health, low-guilt punch.

The Importance Of Video Recipes

Making a dish is often looked at as something one can only do through offline demonstrations or cookbooks. However, with the increased dependence on the technology more and more people are embracing the online way of learning cooking.

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