One-Pan Low-Carb Tuscan Garlic Shrimp

Simple Cheesecake Recipe

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of preparing your own cheesecake. When you crave cheesecake this easy cheesecake recipe comes together quickly and will satisfy any cheesecake aficionado.

Pecan Caramel Cheesecake Recipe

Caramel cheesecake recipes abound. A pecan-cinnamon crust dresses up this easy caramel cheesecake recipe. Enjoy the delicious pecan-caramel flavor combination!

Cruciferous Vegetable Recipes – Cauliflower and Leek Soup

This cruciferous vegetable recipe for cauliflower and leek soup is second to none! As the cooler months approach, cauliflower season is right around corner. Although it’s available year round, it tastes best during the cold months. Treat yourself this fall and winter season and give this recipe a try. Everyone will love it and it can be made with vegetable stock for vegetarians, or chicken stock. It’s a great vegetable to include in your diet because it’s very nutritious and low in calories, with only 29 calories per cup. It’s also part of the cruciferous vegetable family that’s known for it’s health promoting sulfur compounds that help your body fight harmful toxins.

Never Say Never

Well I did it, I went ice skating, definitely wobbly at first. But as I got my sea legs under me, I started to do better, felt a bit more confident, and thus enjoyed myself. There is something about gliding free along the ice, cold air hitting you in the face, that smacks the child awake in you.

Two Vegetable Recipes Your Kids Will Actually Want To Eat

I grew up absolutely hating anything related to vegetables, and it was only when I moved out that I realised what a profound effect my mothers terrible treatment of vegetables had left upon me! Jokes are often made about the blandness of British cooking, and while they are for the most part complete lies, nothing could be truer with regards to vegetables in Britain. For some reason, the only way to cook them here in the UK is to boil them or steam them.

Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas are a great appetizer or snack for any group. Bite sized and delicious, they can be made with a number of flavors to fit with any meal.

Roast Turkey Cooking: A Caja China Holiday Recipe

Great food is something that should be shared, and with that in mind I present the Caja China Roasting Box. A Caja China box is basically an oven constructed of wood and steel that will provide some of the most delicious meals of your life. Here’s an amazing La Caja China style grill Turkey Recipe.

Two Delicious Noodle Recipes: Pot Noodles Recipe And Noodle Soup Recipe

I always like eating and preparing noodles. Preparing noodles is very easy and is a lot less time consuming compared to other dishes. I didn’t know how to cook noodles before so my only option was to eat instant noodles or eat at a restaurant.

Israeli Couscous With Sauteed Vegetables

A grain with a bunch of sauteed vegetables is a great side dish for any meal. This particular recipe uses Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors to fit with my eggplant stuffed phyllo triangles.

Red Flannel Hash

This is a beautiful buffet dish. It works well at brunch and is also perfect for a Baked Ham dinner. You can roast the potatoes and beets in advance and refrigerate until ready to serve. Reheat potatoes and beets separately and add sauteed onions and spinach at the last minute.

Filipino Recipe: Discover the New Taste

Filipino food is well known for its unique style of cuisines. The food is highly appreciated by connoisseurs across the world. It consists of the food, preparation and eating customs found in the Philippines. The dishes generally ranges from the simple dish like meal of fried salted fish to the elaborate paellas and cocidos created for fiestas.

Orange Pineapple Smoothie

Children love this smoothie and if they don’t like fruit it’s a great way to get them to have their daily vitamin C. Alternatively serve it as a healthy dessert that everyone will love or as a cocktail enjoy it with friends and family.

Tasty Shrimp Salad Recipe: Good Food Fast

Shrimp salad is a great, fast, easy meal. It just happens to be good for you. Here’s a recipe that will fit your jam-packed schedule.

Easy to Learn Crawfish Recipes – You Cannot Resist

These fresh-water small lobster looking crustaceans are called by different names. Sometimes they are called mudbugs, crawdads, crayfish or crawfish.

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