Nut Free Cacao & Coconut Balls

These delicious Nut Free Cacao & Coconut Balls take only 10 minutes to prepare, and with just 5 ingredients they pack a mighty punch in the flavour department!!! I used my trusty Davis & Waddell Blender which worked its usual magic. Some hints: Most of these ingredients are easy to find, but as things are a little different in the Supermarkets at the moment, the Cacao Powder can be replaced with Cocoa Powder (which is what I did.) If your mixture is a little too dry to roll into balls, add a few extra dates and an extra splash of Maple Syrup and blend. The end result is a rather tasty little treat, I just had two with a nice cup of coffee.🥰 You can store these flavour bombs in an airtight container in the fridge for up to two weeks. Two weeks?? Hah!! Mine will be lucky to last two days!!!
Stay safe folks!! 😷

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