Not Milk, NUT MILKS! – learn Nutrition

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Not Milk, NUT MILKS! – learn Nutrition
Best Nutrition Course
How to Create Delicious, Dairy-Free Drinks in Ten Minutes or Less!
Prepare a gourmet tasting nut milk in ten minutes,Learn about the health problems related to consuming factory farmed dairy products
No prior knowledge of nut milk prep is needed,
 Have you stopped drinking milk because you have concerns about the ethical and humane treatment of cows that are raised on factory farms?,
 Do you want to avoid the antibiotics and hormones that commercial cow’s milk contains?,
 Are you concerned that some organic milk manufacturers are not adhering to organic standards?,
 Do you have lactose intolerance that interferes with your digestion of milk?,
 Do you want to find a replacement for soy milk, which is known to cause thyroid issues in many people?,
Do you like the idea of taking a few simple ingredients, and turning them into a gourmet recipe?,If you answered yes to any, or all, of these questions, you won’t want to miss out on this great opportunity to learn how you can create delicious, four-season non-dairy beverages that are low in calories and high in the healthy proteins and fats your body needs to function optimally!,Most of my nut milk recipes can be made in just ten minutes, with the aid of a small coffee bean grinder, a blender, a hand held mesh strainer, a bowl, and a stirring spoon. Simply choose your favorite nuts and seeds as a base for each recipe. Then, layer in the flavors that compliment them! You can add fresh fruits, or rehydrated dried fruits (think creamy texture!), natural flavoring extracts, and the liquid of your choice. (Water works fine, but you can also add other liquids!) I fortify my nut milks with ingredients such as sunflower seed lecithin granules and flax seeds, both of which serve to protect the health of your brain and balance your hormones. And, you can find all of the organic ingredients that are featured in my recipes, online, or at your local whole foods grocery store or food coop.,Here’s a sampling of the recipes you can make!,Apple Fruit Harvest Pecan Milk (brings the taste of nature’s fruit and nut tree orchards to your lips),Mock Eggnog Cashew Milk (A yummy holiday treat! Throw another log onto the fire!),Minty Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Milk (One of my favorites! Even my husband, who has a nut allergy, can enjoy this one!),Apricot Orange Cashew & Almond Milk (This drink has a sunny fresh flavor and tons of Vitamin A!),Banana Coconut Date Walnut Milk (A creamy, smooth-sipping delight!),Cranapple Orange Walnut Milk (Drink by itself, or add to an apple cake recipe),Mellow Carob/Cacao Almond Cocoa (Who needs sugar sweetened chocolate cow’s milk, when you have this delightful antioxidant rich drink?),Banana Raisin Sunflower Seed Milk (A hearty and satisfying libido booster!),Cinnamon Spiced Pumpkin Seed Milk (It might remind you of pumpkin pie!),Pure & Sweet Almond Milk (Minus the inflammatory thickening agent that is added to store brands!),And many more!,This cookbook package also includes: 7 Illustrated Tabletop TUTORS™ Poster/Placemats, including: 1) Why Can’t I Drink Dairy? 2) Should You Rethink Eating Soy? 3) How to Make Nut Milks in 5 Easy Steps, 4) Savoring Nature’s Liquid Sweeteners, 5) Unearthing Nature’s Sugar Substitutes, and 6) How to Make (Non Dairy) Seed Cheese, and 7) How to Make (Non-Dairy) Yogurt.,PLUS: I’ve included my “”Cookbook Chat” video and my “”Deep Dish Self-Inner-view”” (a mini booklet). You can use these tools to gain inspiration for making nut milks and becoming a more eco-conscious eater and cook!,,Individuals who are seeking a healthy alternative to factory farmed cow’s milk Individuals who are seeking a healthy alternative to soy milk,Individuals who are seeking a healthy alternative to factory farmed cow’s milk,Individuals who are seeking a healthy alternative to soy milk

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