My *INSANE* Full Day of Eating | High Protein Diet for *Shredding*…

In this video, I take you through my insane full day of eating, meal by meal! So, you’ll see the high protein diet and meals I eat to keep me in shredding condition year-round!
Hey guys, welcome back to another video and today, I’m doing my actual Insane Full Day of Eating, for a change! So, you’ll get a deep look into my calories, macros, my goals, my favourite low calorie high protein meals & foods and more. And even though my goal isn’t based around fat loss, the high protein meals I eat are a great addition to any fat loss diet, as long as you make a couple of tweaks to make them lower in calories. And you’ll also see some of the low calorie snacks I like to keep around the apartment. Enjoy!

Meal 1: Egg White Protein Porridge
KCAL: 557
PRO: 52
CHO: 52
FAT: 14

Meal 2: Tuna & Ham Salad
KCAL: 363
PRO: 46
CHO: 27
FAT: 7

Meal 3: Protein Yoghurt Bowl & Fruit
KCAL: 451
PRO: 27
CHO: 56
FAT: 13

Meal 4: Philly Cheesesteak Pasta
KCAL: 625
PRO: 52
CHO: 69
FAT: 14

Snack: Party Bites
KCAL: 234
PRO: 2
CHO: 29

Meal 5: Maple French Toast Pie
KCAL: 406
PRO: 44
CHO: 48
FAT: 2


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