My FAT LOSS Diet Plan

My diet plan to lose fat and get lean. What I consider the best diet to lose weight, lose bodyfat and build fat burning lean body mass. How I’m eating to get rid of belly fat for good. Easy ways to lose fat and start eating healthy. My thoughts on shady dietitians paid by processed food companies.

Registered Dietitian (paid by soda company) running for president of the largest dietitian organization in America:

More exposés by Ninjas for Health:

@Natacha Océane ‘s new video about ultra processed foods:

Some food companies want to spread the message “as long as you exercise, you can continue eating their (not so good for you) products and lose weight and be in good health.” But the truth is that… when it comes to weight loss and our health… exercise alone usually won’t be enough. In general, diet PLUS exercise is the best way to go:

METABOLICAL by Dr. Lustig:
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My Workout Plan to Lose Fat:

My Starting Body, Bodyfat % and Fitness Goals:

Exercise Addiction:

How I Lost 10 Lbs:

Dr Lustig’s Informative Website:

3 min. cartoon version of Dr Lustig’s lecture on Sugar:

Marion Nestle’s Food Politics:

Study on how ultra-processed foods (UPF) stunt growth:

Lena Snow height is 5’2.5″ (160cm)

00:00 | triggered
01:01 | my background in nutrition
01:24 | my diet
02:27 | dieting mistakes
03:26 | my food addiction story
04:27 | diet for recomp
05:37 | how many calories do I eat
07:20 | healthy diet
08:50 | Dr. Lustig is my hero
09:39 | what is “food”?
09:43 | ultra processed foods stunt growth?!?!?!
10:25 | do you want the free program?
11:20 | health advocacy / shady dietitians
11:27 | sponsorships
12:00 | thank you workout buddies… ily all


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