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Couscous Recipe – How To Make A Perfect Algerian Dish

Algerian cuisine, like the very country itself, features many culinary influences, most notably, Berber, Arabic, French and Turkey. This mix of influences creates a blend of flavors, aromas and textures, something that is uniquely Algerian. The dishes and ingredients differ slightly from region to region, with each region having their own specialties.

Escudella Recipe – How To Make A Perfect Andorran Dish

While Andorran cuisine is mostly Catalan, it also bears some influence from Italy and Spain, due to the close proximity to this small country. Due to its mountainous regions, sheep is a common livestock animal, making lamb the favoured meat, but pork features quite often in Andorran cuisine as well, especially in the form of sausages and ham. Due to its large sea opening, fish is another common ingredient as well.

Home Made Banana Pancake Recipe

I’ve always really enjoyed making pancakes, so much so that when I was little I used to mix all kinds of different things together to see how they would taste. My all time favorite is probably my buttermilk banana pancake recipe; I love bananas and something about the way their taste mixes with the rich creamy buttermilk just makes me want to drool.

Lamb Dishes in Greek Cuisine

Lamb is a huge part of the Greek diet and culture. From Greek Easter to Christmas and cook-outs, in many different dishes, cuts, and cooked in different ways, lamb the way Greeks do it is superb. You will also get one great recipe in this article that you can enjoy at home.

Tave Kosi Recipe – How To Make A Perfect Albanian Dish

Because of its history and location in the Balkans, Albanian cuisine, like those of its neighbors’, feature a strong Turkish influence. Due to previous occupation within Albanian territory, Greek and Italian influences can be seen as well. In Albania, lunch is the biggest meal of the day, and it offers a chance for friends and family members to catch up while enjoying a nice meal. Typical Albanian food tends to be rich and filling.

Get Your Kids in the Kitchen This Holiday Season With Organic Recipes!

This Thanksgiving, Get the Kids in the Kitchen with Organic Recipes   This festive season, as you’re getting out the pots, and pans, flour and eggs, why not get your kids involved in the fun? When you use organic recipes for your thanksgiving dinner, you’re using real ingredients, not things from a lab, so your children will be able to easily read and understand the ingredients they are putting into their own food.   Here’s a holiday craft idea- get your children to help design their own recipe book for holiday times.

Organic Recipes for the Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

Whether you have been eating healthy for a while, not eating healthy at all, or just been into recent events, you might know of the wave organic recipes have taken over the market. Organic recipes are flavor-packed, nutrition-rich and offer you all the same dishes you love, without any of the preservatives, bad oils, or pesticides you would find in conventional food.

A Christmas Candy Land

I love the seasonal aisle of the supermarkets during this time of year. My husband and I lingered a bit too long near the chocolates. Last year, I bought a clear Christmas tree cookie jar for which to put my special chocolates in.

A Short History on Recipes for Casseroles

Recipes for casserole is a traditional family meal idea. This article gives a brief history of casseroles and how they evolved to what we know as the casserole of today.

Healthy Eating – Mixed Grain Bread With Linseeds

Mixed grain bread could be considered a “classic” loaf as it has been a popular choice for many years. Usually recipes for this loaf are handed down from generation to generation, well at least in our family it was.

Delicious Dashi Maki Tamago And Omurice Recipes

Dashi maki tamago and omurice are one of the easiest Japanese dishes to prepare. Dashi maki tamago is a Japanese style of making omelet. Omurice is a Japanese term for omelet and rice.

Easy Tom Yan Kung Recipe

Tom Yan Kung is a very popular Thai dish and ranks high on the top ten Thai cuisines loved by foreigners. Tom yan kung came originally from Laos and is very famous in Thailand. It is a spicy shrimp soup and is also comes in paste type for seasoning.

Healthy Eating – Lentil Casserole

Lentils have been part of the human diet for longer then we have had pots to cook them in. They are a very healthy food, they contain high levels of the essential amino acids isoleucine and lysine, they also contain dietary fiber, folate, vitamin B and minerals.

Two Healthy Dinner Recipes To Wet Your Appetite And Leave You Wanting More

We all love a good dinner, but the dinners we love are not always healthy. I hope these two healthy dinner recipes will help you eat your way to health.

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