Low-Carb Double Chocolate Mug Cake

Nut Free Diet – Low Carb Recipes With No Nuts

If you are allergic to nuts and want to eat a healthy, nut free diet, here are some tips to keep your meals healthy and nut free. If you have a nut allergy, contact a manufacturer before buying a product to avoid causing a reaction. Many products are made in the same facility and may contain hidden nut ingredients. If you do want to eat a nut-free product, consider sunflower seed butter or other alternatives. Also, use pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds in baking to add nutrition and variety to your diet.

You can also choose nut free chocolate and coconut spread, but you must know that some nut-free sports bars and energy bars are not allergy-safe. You can also try nut free chocolates, as well as treats and wedding favours. There are even nut free chocolate drops available. A nut free bakery will even make ready-made dinner bowls and salad jars, and offer vegetarian and tofu products.

While most packaged foods will list the eight most common allergens on the label, if you have a severe nut allergy, make sure you only buy products that are labeled nut-free. Many mainstream companies will choose to opt for a nut-free label to distinguish their products from other foods. In addition, you should check with your friends and family to make sure they don’t have nut allergies. This way, you can avoid any unnecessary embarrassment.

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