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Some Tasty Filipino Recipes

  Filipino food is known for being a unique style of cuisine thanks to the diverse mix of cultural influences and wide array of heritages contributing to the stylings, traditional Asian diet combined with Western influences. An indulgent type of eating without the typical spices expected with many Asian cuisines, the emphasis here is on bolder combinations with contrasting tastes and experience.  

My Shrimp Capellini Recipe, Excellent for the Winter

Generally considered to be a light meal, my craving for shrimp pasta led me to develop an altogether heartier recipe suitable for the cold, winter months. The recipe is a mix of various shrimp pastas that I’ve attempted over the years, and I must say I’m pleased with the results. Though it’s often said that good recipes come from fresh ingredients, this isn’t always the case.

A Homemade Recipe To Really Show Off in the Kitchen!

Everyone loves great home-cooked food, but finding time to make a big meal for an entire group can be difficult in this day and age. As convenient as it might be to eat out or buy ready meals, nothing beats a lovingly prepared meal made at home, and the satisfaction that comes with it. Here’s a great recipe for some delicious home-made food.

Some Simple Ham Recipes For Feeding Your Family

Ham is a versatile and tasty meat, useful across so many different kinds of cuisine and can be part of any meal from breakfast to a late-night snack. It’s got so many uses, but all too often just ends up as a basic filler in a sandwich. But you can do so much more with it, but where do you start? We’ve picked a couple of simple recipes for making some delicious ham nibbles to keep everyone busy.

A Great Greek Recipe

Greek food typifies Mediterranean cuisine, making wide use of olive oils, herbs, grains, reads, wine, and seafood, with olives, cheese, aubergine and yogurts playing a great part in the cuisine too. Here’s a recipe for baklava, one of the Greeks’ favorite pastries.

Some Healthy Recipes for Tasty Snacks

It can be difficult to make healthy foods for a whole family each and every day. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring or uninspiring. Here’s a couple of recipes for healthy starters.

A Delicious Ham Recipe You Won’t Be Able to Resist

Everyone likes a bit of ham, but there’s so much more that you can do with it than just slapping it between a couple of pieces of bread. It’s such a versatile meat, spanning so many different kinds of cuisine and any meal from breakfast to a late-night snack. Here’s a delicious recipe for ham and cheese crepes- with an amazing port wine sauce.

A Healthy Recipe for Lasagna (Yes, It Can Be Done!)

It can be difficult to make healthy foods for a whole family day in and day out. With so much choice these days, what might seem like a healthy meal can actually be laden with sugars, salts, fat and unwelcome additives. Here’s a recipe for a beef lasagna- pasta is very high in carbs, but this pasta recipe contains a smaller amount of pasta and more protein, making it both delicious and healthier at the same time.

Filipino Recipes – Traditional Food, Worldwide Influences

Here’s a recipe that emphasises the worldwide influences on the traditional cuisine of the Filipino regions. Originally from Spain, these “Mallorca Pastries” are a common foodstuff eaten across many of the islands across the country, and a delicious treat to feed your family.

2 Pie Recipes Your Kids Will Love Making With You

Kids love getting messy in the kitchen, so why not put them to good use making desserts! They may as well be productive while they are making a mess. Here’s two pie recipes so easy that even your kids could make them, though of course, younger children should always be supervised.

Lad’s Night-In With An Authentic Pakistani Curry With Chapatti Recipe

I’ve never understood the culture of going out for a curry when anyone with an ounce of kitchen skills can make the same delicious curry at home, and drink beer for less than half the outrageous prices that curry houses will charge. And you have things like a PlayStation 3 at home too, perfect for a lads curry night-in! I think it’s about time we changed this ridiculous culture of eating out, and learnt how to cook properly instead.

With So Many Filipino Recipes, Here’s One to Get You Started!

Philippine food is a unique cuisine owing to their diverse mix of cultures and heritages, with the traditional Asian diet mixed with Western influences. This includes such dishes as champorado – a sweet cocoa rice porridge – paired with puto – sweet, steamed rice cakes; or perhaps cheeses – usually salty – in sweetcakes.

A Delicious Enchilada Recipe

An enchilada recipe that anyone can follow to make their own Mexican food! Follow this recipe for some simple and delicious dinner.

2 Delicious Meatball Recipes

For many people meatballs hold a special place in their heart, often with spaghetti. Meatballs are pervasive in nearly every culture of the world due to their versatility, so how come we only think of spaghetti and meatballs? There’s simply so many things you can do with some good meatballs!

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