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Fun Kids Recipes To Enjoy Making Together

Cooking is a great skill valuable to anyone in life, so why not get your kids cooking along with you in the kitchen? That way they develop a constructive life skill, confidence in their abilities – and it’s a fun activity, with a great reward at the end of the work – a plate of delicious food for everyone to enjoy!What’s also important is that getting kids involved in the cooking process early on is a great way of encouraging healthy eating habits that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

A Fantastic Lasagna Recipe (or Two) for You To Enjoy!

Lasagna is a classic food, a real crowd-pleaser. With layers of flat pasta covered in a simple yet delicious sauce, and topped with an indulgent layer of cheese, it’s no wonder that it’s such a popular dish. Here we’re going to look at a couple of recipes for lasagna…

Bhendi Gosht Recipe

The tasty combination of lady fingers and mutton pieces is basically known as Bhindi Gosht. It is widely eaten in Pakistan. It is served along with parathas or naans. It can also be eaten with rice. People in India usually eat this recipe along with rice and curd. Addition of pickles along with this recipe adds a good taste.

Kari Kozhee Varthaa Recipe

This recipe is very familiar and famous in the South of India.Its distinct taste and spicy essence makes a finger licking dish.It is to be eaten with rice or chapattis.It tastes best when served with curd and when served hot.

You Can Have Your Weck And Eat It Too

The “Beef on Weck” sandwich is found in Western New York. It is put together with thin sliced roast beef piled high on a kummelweck roll. The roast beef on this sandwich is normally served rare, with the top bun getting a dip in the au jus. Sides include horseradish sauce, a dill pickle spear, and french fries.

Try This Homemade Recipe for a Simple But Tasty Stew

We all love a home-cooked meal, and you might think it can be hard to find the time to make a big meal for all your family. But if you can find a simple recipe that you can tailor to your family, then it’s well worth the effort. You get to choose your favourite ingredients, the seasonings, herbs and spices you like the most, and any individual preferences, and with the right presentation your food can look as good as any restaurant’s!

Homemade Recipe for a Roast Dinner to Show Off

Home-cooked meals are a popular dish if you know the quick and simple techniques to make a great meal for your family. Pick your preferred ingredients, the seasonings you like the most, your favourite herbs and spices, and any other individual preferences of your own, and you can make a meal that’s a match for any bought-in food for a restaurant- better, even, as you’re in control.   Of all the homemade recipes, a roast dinner is truly the apex, a big hunk of meat and the vegetables to go along with it, served up…

Try This Delicious Homemade Recipe for Salmon In Garlic Sauce

Nothing beats a great home-cooked meal, but finding the time to make a big family meal can be a chore in itself. But there’ so many benefits, from choosing the ingredients you prefer the most, how well you cook the meal and the seasonings you add, to the presentation of how you serve up. What’s most important for our recipes though, is that they are simple and can be prepared by anyone in the comfort of their own kitchen.

Zesty Lime Shortbread

An honourary sister is already making shortbread for our cookie exchange so I can’t make this amazing recipe that was shared with me.  I still don’t know what I’m going to make but  this recipe looks so good that I didn’t want you to miss out.  Being a lover of all things tropical-this shortbread version has lime and coconut!

Broccoli Rabe – A Wonderful Dish No Matter How It Is Pronounced

Broccoli Rabe is a very bitter, tasty weed. When given the proper care it will bring a smile to almost anyone’s face. A major investment in time is not required. I began my life despising this item. As time went on, I began to love it. Now, many restaurants and delicatessens provide this as a dish or a sandwich. If you follow the recipe that I have provided, you will not grimace and be unhappy.

Mike’s Famous Lasagna

Well folks! Never heard of “Mike’s Famous Lasagna”? It’s extremely famous in my family! One of my teenage kids went and bought the major ingredients and drove about 80 miles here to have me make it for him!

Basic White Sauce Recipe

White sauce is one of the famous sauce widely consumed in the Western world. Its simple and easy to prepare, within very less time. Hope you will like it and enjoy the sauce. It is one of the most important and widely eaten food in Europe.

Singapore Chilli Chicken Recipe

Deep-fried chicken served with spicy sauce is given a term as Singapore chilli chicken. It is a favorite dish in Singapore. Delicious in taste and looks really attractive while served

Easy Candy Recipe: Christmas Crackers

A Ritz cracker plus one of a variety of fillings, then covered in chocolate equals a different sort of Christmas Cracker, a clever and delicious holiday treat that will please everyone on your cookie list. This recipe includes four different fillings, so that each treat has a surprise inside.

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