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Easy And Delicious Noodles With Tuna Recipe

Noodles with tuna has been one of my favorite foods to eat and prepare since college. I can’t remember how many tuna cans I have opened and consumed and if I can pile all the cans together, I’m sure that I can build a fairly huge totem pole. I was in the school’s swimming varsity team and did martial arts after class so probably you can imagine how hungry I was when I reached home.

Christmas Stacked Enchiladas Recipe

Legend has it that New Mexicans are so passionate about their hot sauces that in 1999, the governor declared “red or green?” the official state question! The question referred to ever difficult choice that faces diners everywhere as they must choose between spicy green or earthy red hot sauces. Local however, go “Christmas” style and just have both!

Tasty Sepia-Jibia-Choco Noodles Recipe

This recipe is about preparing a delicious dish using cuttlefish and noodles. Cuttlefish as their name says are not real fish but are mollusks that are similar to squid in appearance. They are known to be the chameleon of the sea because cuttlefish can change their color pattern in accordance to the environment.

Four Holiday Savings Ideas That Work All Year Round

We, Americans throw out 25% more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, than any other six week period all year. In that trash will be twelve to fifteen percent of your grocery budget.

3 Simple Candy and Cookies Recipes for the Holidays

With so many things to do at holiday time, finding something simple and easy but tastes good is a delight. If you are looking for something sweet and simple to make, to share with family and friends, these recipes are for you.

Posh Fish ‘N’ Chips

I had a wonderful wave of inspiration a couple of weeks ago, and these moments can be the most creative times to invent new recipes, or as in this case, creative twists to already popular meals. We were at my mom’s house and she gave us some lovely veg from her garden. It was beautiful.

How To Make Competition Chili

If you’re searching for a proper chili recipe that calls for more than half a tsp of chili powder then this recipe is for you. I created this recipe following a visit to a good old fashioned chili cook off that got my creative juices flowing and I think you’ll like it.

Two Great Lebanese Recipes

Lebanese food is believed to be the special attraction of the country and therefore become renowned world wide. What’s so special about Lebanese food? Well, all the meals are well balanced full of fresh vegetables, stews and salads. People eat poultry more often than red meat but when red meat is eaten, it is usually lamb on the coast and goat meat in the mountain regions.

Thy Divin-Ity Intervention

Recipes are only guides, and at times I need to remember that. Lately, I have been very interested in making candy and have barreled right into it, like a bull in a china shop. The whole thing started when a customer issued a challenge.

My Favorite Fried Noodles Recipe

I really like eating noodles since I was young. I remember that my mother often brings me to a noodle shop to eat and she often imitates making the the dishes that we had at the restaurant when we got home. I knew that whenever we go out for lunch at the noodle shop that we will be having the similar dish at dinner.

The Best Thanksgiving Dinner Ever

very home cook longs to prepare the “perfect Thanksgiving dinner”. This past Thursday, I did just that.

2 Meaty Stews for The Cold Christmas Months – Classic Turkey and Lamb Stew

Christmas is upon us again, and for those of who live in the Northern hemisphere that means freezing cold weather again for at least a few months. One solution is to move to Australia of course, but in more practical terms a nice meaty stew can usually do the job quite well. Stews are another of those recipes that are quite pervasive the world over and can be found in nearly every culture known to man, simply because they are so easy and flexible.

Prepare Soup in Five Short Minutes Utilizing a Vitamix 5200 (One of the Worlds Best Juicers)

You heard that right, don’t adjust your computer screen. You can make rich and creamy as well as delicious fine dining quality hot soup in a mixer. Of course, not every blender will do. You require what I consider one of the worlds best juicers to accomplish it. Specifically, the Vitamix 5200. This appliance may look and feel like an everyday kitchen home appliance but I assure you it isn’t. The custom-designed Swedish built motor revolves the blades at 240 MPH which literally heats up food items by way of friction. Sounds crazy nevertheless it’s true.

Pork With Chinese Noodles Recipe

When it comes to preparing food, I can say that my strongest weakness is cooking noodles. For me, nothing is more easier to cook than noodles. I do love to cook but there had been countless times that the dishes that I cooked didn’t go well.

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