LIVE AUCTION at the Nuthouse! Jewelry, Die Cast, Recipes, Golf, Old Money, Baseball Cards +

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Every Monday night we are LIVE from the Nuthouse… starting at 5pm Pacific. We’ll be giving updates, talking shop, and answering questions that come in through the live chat.

Plus, we’re having another LIVE AUCTION. Our auctions have been EPIC! We’ll be putting on the auction block some recognizable items that have appeared in the videos. Where else can you have a piece of Locker Nuts history?

If you want to participate in the Auction, here’s a few things to note:
• Must be a member to bid (click “join” to become a member, or use the link below).
• Must be in the US. No international shipping at this time. Thanks!
• Shipping is included in the bid on most lots (free shipping). Larger lots may have additional shipping charges, but we will identify those lots (if any) during the auction.
• Payment is ONLY through Venmo or PayPal or CashApp.
— Venmo ID is @Jack-Chestnut-1
— PayPal email is
— CashApp is $LockerNuts
To get CashApp, click here
To receive $5 free for installing CashApp, use code BFQGDTC

To become a member, you can click the “join” button or use this link:

Questions? Send us an email at:

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Here’s our eBay Store where you can purchase some of the better items we come across:

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