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Indian Sloppy Joe (Pav Bhaji)

If you go to India, then you’ll see crazy amount of food vendors on the street. If you thought NYC was creative with falafels and “nuts for nuts,” then you definitely haven’t been to Mumbai. There’s all different types of snacks, sandwiches, idlis, dosa- you name it!

Cast Iron Cookware Recipes

Cast iron skillets are great for everyday meals and they can be used for a wide range of dishes. Anything from simple sauteed vegetables to roasted delicacies, cast iron cookware can do them all.

Low Fat Chicken Liver Pate

Here is a smooth delicious and healthy Chicken Liver Pate Recipe and you should plan this a few days in advance because this brings out the fullest flavour. Nice and easy to create you should serve it in one large 1 litre terrine or in a few smaller sized containers.

How To Save Money Making Easy Lemon Hummus

If you enjoy hummus, wouldn’t you also enjoy spending much less to get it? With this fast, easy hummus recipe, you can make it in minutes for a fraction of the cost. Learn just what hummus is, how to make it at home, & how many wonderful health benefits it has in store for you.

Grilling Lamb Is a Healthy International Affair of Taste

People around the world enjoy grilling lamb because lamb is a wonderful medium for the grill. Its natural flavor is a great carrier for flavors from many cuisines. While beef has been an American staple, in many countries lamb has been easier to obtain and raise.

Recipes For Bean Cake And Pap

Nigerian recipes are filled with nutrients and fiber which nourish the body stimulating growth and development. Bean is one of the most versatile food crops in Nigeria.

White Bean Puree

Creamy White Bean and Rosemary Puree – The perfect addition to any party Before I moved to Sonoma County and encountered what I might call gourmet potluck-backyard bar-b-ques, I was terrified of potlucks. The random assortment of foods, congealing textures and unmatching flavors usually sent me home with a stomachache and a frown.

“Chicken Slick” – My Chicken and Pastry Recipe

“Chicken Slick” My Home Made Chicken and Pastry Recipe with my Free Range Chicken. When I make this recipe I may get the chicken cooked and cooled and the fat raised to the top of broth one day. Then finish the recipe the next day.

Game Time Recipe: Superior Pita Chips And Hummus

You’ve planned out every last detail for game day but forgot to think about food! What do you do? Call mom? NO! Read on for two super fast and simple game time snack recipes that will have you and the guys eating pita chips and hummus faster than you ever though possible.

Meatball Stew Recipe – A New Take on an Old Dish

Everyone is looking to cut costs these days. One of my favorite ways is to substitute ground beef where I can. My mom used to make this dish and we all loved it. But I have added a little twist that my surprise you. Meatball stew is an easy, hearty dish you can serve with little effort and your family will probably add it to their list of favorites before they even finish the bowl.

Sugar-Free Pumpkin Pancakes – A Halloween Treat

Are you forever struggling to lose that last 20 pounds? You aren’t alone, there are millions of us out there working on that same goal. You want to be healthy and fit because it would do wonders for your confidence and self-image.

Recipe for Cold Chocolate Souffle

There are a couple of things to be wary of when making this souffle. Please take note of them before getting started.

Recipe for Chocolate Bavarian Cream

This chocolate Bavarian cream is a delicious custard and makes an outstanding party sweet. I recommend that you use an 850 millilitre plain mould for this chocolate Bavarian cream.

Recipe for Iced Chocolate Biscuits

A super treat for the kids on birthdays and other special occasions. Set the oven to 190 degrees Celsius.

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