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Cut Your Fat and Enjoy Your Dessert With Healthy Cake Recipes

Healthy cake recipes are great for weight loss or maintenance, maintaining a healthy heart, and keeping your overall body healthy. These recipes are not only healthy, however; they are also sweet and delicious, satisfying even the most discriminant sweet tooth.

Papa’s Famous Peanut Brittle

Make this quick and easy peanut brittle to delight your family during the holidays. Recipes can be used to remember and honor those that are no longer with us.

Australian Cream Sponge Recipe Made With An Electric Stand Mixer

Sometimes you really have to be amazed at what our grandmothers and mothers accomplished without electric stand mixers. They whipped up the most delectable cakes and desserts by only using a whisk or hand beater.

One Minute Sushi and Shrimp Appetizer

This is an easy way to keep people from filling up on junk before dinnertime while you’re trying to get real food on the table.  Make a plate for people to pick on, and they’ll stay out of your way so you can keep working.  Sushi and shrimp won’t spoil anyone’s appetite.

Roasted Pepper and Tuna Rolls

These are a fun and very flavorful start to a Mediterranean meal. You can serve them on their own plate, or mixed in with an antipasto platter.

Every Day Ingredients Vegetarian Patty

Are you looking for a very easy to make and tasty vegetarian patty recipe? This one may become a favorite. The every day ingredients in these patties are usually in your kitchen so it is a convenient recipe to put together.

Recipe for Chocolate Swiss Roll

A swiss roll is made from a whisked sponge. This recipe uses a chocolate flavored sponge and is filled with a Chantilly cream. Absolutely decadent!

Recipe for Chocolate Gateau

The original recipe for this chocolate gateau comes from the French region of Lyons. It is made with three layers of chestnut flavoured gateau sandwiching cream and chocolate cream with a chocolate glace icing.

Recipe for Rich Chocolate Mousse

The recipe for this chocolate mousse comes from the Basque region of France. An additional recipe for rolled biscuits, that are a tasty complement to the mousse, is also provided.

Recipe for Hot Chocolate Souffle

Making this chocolate souffle will have your friends and family believe you are a master chef. Make sure that your souffle is served within a couple of minutes after finishing.

Recipe for Chocolate Profiteroles

Chocolate profiteroles are delicious as a snack and will go down nicely, like doughnuts, with a hot cup of coffee. Ingredients: For Profiteroles: Choux Pastry (sufficient for 6 people).

2 Chocolate Petits Fours for After-Dinner Enjoyment

These small cakes are delightful for special occasions. They go down well when served with coffee after a meal. Although they are not expensive to make, they require care and attention to detail because they must look attractive.

3 Easily-Made Chocolate Sauces That Taste Better Than Store-Bought

These sweet chocolate sauces are especially good with puddings, ice creams and dessert pastries. The sauce can be served immediately.

Family Tradition Cheesecake

I just have to share this very easy-to-make and super delicious recipe. I don’t know where it came from originally but it has become a family tradition cheesecake through the years and it is one of my very favorites. It certainly flatters the taste buds.

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