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Cake Recipes – A Yummy Topic

Yes, cakes are definitely an all time favorite for all ages. There are thousands of cake recipes that many of us are not aware of or have not even tasted. If you are making plans for a birthday party, an anniversary celebration or a festival bash then you should try out some new recipes for cakes.

How to Make Great Baked Goods With Your Pumpkins

You can make great bread, muffins, and cookies with either fresh or canned pumpkin. There are two ways to use fresh pumpkin: grated or pureed. If grated pumpkin, you will have flecks of deep orange and the bits of pumpkin create a chewier texture. Or you can use pumpkin puree. This article tells you how to make pumpkin puree from fresh pumpkins and use it in baking. It includes a recipe for pumpkin bread.

Easy Recipes: Egg Fried Rice

I previously wrote about some easy recipes for lazy students who’ve never cooked for themselves, and today I’d like to continue in that series with a really tasty yet authentic recipe for Chinese Egg Fried Rice. My wife, being Chinese, makes this all time. And I love it!

Fun and Healthy Chicken Roll-Ups

This will undoubtedly be a family favorite. It’s a simple, well balanced and nutritious snack/appetizer and can even be served as a dinner. Everyone loves “finger foods” and this is one that will please them all.

The Best Pumpkin Seeds Recipe Ever

The healthy benefits of pumpkin seeds and pickle juice are combine in this simple non-toxic recipe. It is easy to make,does not require any special preparations and have great taste.

The Best Way to Smoke Meat Perfectly on a Barbecue Grill In 5 Clear Steps

BBQ Smoked meat tastes fabulous, but not everyone wants a specialist BBQ smoker as well as a standard barbecue grill. Here’s how you can get that awesome smoked flavour with an ordinary lidded grill.

Squash and Zucchini Blooms Recipe

This delicate recipe is from our Fall Garden that will soon be at the end.  The snap beans have been picked and canned.

How to Make a Michelada Beer

If you have never tried a michelada, you are missing out on one of the most most delicious, refreshing drinks around. The michelada is a Mexican cocktail that provides an enjoyable flavor to any beer. A michelada is ideal to relax after a long workday, for parties, back yard barbecues, or just to enjoy with dinner. Similar to a bloody mary, these drinks are also a great remedy for hangovers.

Easy Recipes for Lazy Students

Moving away to university is undoubtedly a big step for many young people – perhaps the biggest difference being that mum won’t cook for them any more! This invariably means that a lot of new students will live off of take-away foods, pizza, and toasted cheese sandwiches for breakfast everyday. I know, because I was exactly the same.

Mouth Watering Spicy Fried Fish Recipe

Check out this amazing recipe for Spicy Fried Fish. Perfect for a large family get-together or even a simple snack, this healthy recipe is well loved by adults and kids alike. It is tangy, flaky and absolutely divine.

Suadero Taco Recipe

Tacos were around even before the Europeans arrived in Mexican. Early inhabitants of the Valley of Mexico are known to have stuffed Tacos with small, easily caught fish, and mix them with a variety of spices. Legend has it that the Spanish conquistador Bernal Diaz del Castillo shared the taco recipe with his soldiers when he arrived in Mexico, and they loved it.

Spicy Chicken Salad Recipes

Chicken Salad doesn’t have to be boring. You can make it a dozen different ways, so that it never has to get old. I’ve created two different varieties of chicken salad that I think are quite tasty. They are both spicy and full of flavor.

Fun Cheesecake Recipes to Try Today

Yummmmmmy, the holidays are coming and that means FOOD. Everyone loves good food and there is never a better time than Thanksgiving and Christmas to bring out the best of the cooks. Even those people who hate to cook, cook at this time of the year.

Great Tips for Grilling Shrimp

Think about grilling shrimp? Shrimp and grilling have gone together for, well, I guess as long as folks have been fishing for them. If you go looking for a shrimp recipe, it often sounds like Bubba carrying on in the movie Forrest Gump.

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