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Filipino Recipes – Morcon (Holiday Meat Roll) Recipe – Pinoy Food

Being considered a holiday dish in the Philippines, you will often see morcon served during the festive season of Christmas and New Year. It is a meat-roll stuffed with egg, cheese, pickles, carrots, hotdogs or sausages.

Filipino Recipes – Crabs in Coconut Milk Recipe – Pinoy Food

Living near a prawn farm and being close to a fishing village, I grew up exposed to different kinds of seafood. From crabs to shrimps to different types of fishes, the list is endless. And with a father who is good in the kitchen, I’m glad that my metabolism is quite fast, or else, I would have grown fat a long time ago.

Filipino Recipes – Binagol (Dessert) Recipe – Pinoy Food

Binagol, also called binangol, is a sweet delicacy originating from Leyte, an island in the Visayas. There are several versions of this recipe, some uses chocolate flavors and some with nuts and butter. This recipe is the simpler version, though.

Filipino Recipes – Arroz Valenciana (Rice & Meat) Recipe – Pinoy Food

Being the staple food of Filipinos, rice is cooked several ways and Arroz Valenciana is just one of the most favored because you don’t have to think of any other dishes to pair it with. It is rice and mixed meats mold into one dish. It is a special rice recipe commonly served during fiestas.

Filipino Recipes – Guinataang Puso Ng Saging (Banana Blossom) Recipe – Pinoy Food

Guinataang Puso ng Saging or banana blossom cooked in coconut milk is a popular dish known all over the Philippines. Being one of the most common tropical plants, banana is found anywhere you go in the country. And since the bud of the blossom will no longer be used after the banana fruits are harvested, Filipinos have looked for several ways to put the blossom into good use and several delicious recipes can be prepared out of it.

Indian Recipes

Indian food is highly appreciated by connoisseurs all across the globe, with the primary reason being the spiciness present in Indian recipes. Indian Recipes have evolved over a period of time into a wide variety of food preparations ranging from two-minute snacks to elaborate and complex recipes. Because of the extreme variation in geographic and climatic conditions, there is almost as much of variety in the ingredients used in making Indian recipes as well as the cooking methods used to prepare them.

Three Trouble-Free Dieting Recipes

Weary about eating boring foods with your eating plan? These delightful dishes will certainly bring wide variety to just about any food plan as well as help to make burning fat enjoyable.

Filipino Recipes – Guinataang Langka (Jackfruit) Recipe – Pinoy Food

Guinataang Langka is unripe jackfruit cooked in coconut milk. Again, this recipe is proof of the versatility of coconut milk when it comes to authentic Filipino dishes.

Filipino Recipes – Chicken Pastel Recipe – Pinoy Food

Often topped with a pie crust, chicken pastel is a truly satisfying dish that is served during fiestas in the Philippines. It is a tasty combination of flavors that would please even someone with a very picky palate.

Filipino Recipes – Puto Cheese Recipe – Pinoy Food

Puto cheese is just like the regular puto or rice cake. But this version uses flour instead of ground rice so the texture is a whole lot smoother. And the cheese added as topping is the reason why it is named as such.

Filipino Recipes – Champorado (Dessert) Recipe – Pinoy Food

Champorado or chocolate-flavored rice porridge is a favorite breakfast among Filipinos, especially for families with kids. I haven’t met a child who don’t like chocolates and that explains why champorado is very famous in almost all households in the country.

Filipino Recipes – Suman Moron (Dessert) Recipe – Pinoy Food

Suman Moron originated from Leyte, an island in the Visayas. It is a popular Filipino dessert served during fiestas and other special occasions. Luckily, I don’t have to wait for any special celebrations to taste this delicacy because these are commonly sold outside the church during Sundays.

My Favorite Zucchini Nut Bread Recipe – Without Nuts

After experimenting with many different zucchini nut bread recipes, I believe that I have found the best alteration for anyone who is either allergic to nuts or just plain does not like them. It is not too far off from the original recipe, but there is definitely one major difference. Yes, you guessed it, this zucchini nut bread recipe does not contain nuts!

Healthy Breakfast Cookie Recipe

Cookies for breakfast? Yes, it is possible to begin your day with cookies as long as they are made from a healthy breakfast cookie recipe like this one.

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