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Grilling Season

Here are three delicious recipes to enhance your outdoor cooking experience. Whether grilling on gas or charcoal, these ideas are guaranteed to improve your meal.

Fresh Peach and Pepper Salsa With Lime

Nothing equals the first taste of a ripe, juicy peach. The distinctive, sweet taste of peaches makes them an ideal baking ingredient. But peaches may be used in savory recipes, too, like this one for salsa.

Victorian Era Puddings and Desserts

The Victorian period was known for its gentleness and decorum. Manners and etiquette were considered of the utmost importance, and so books on the subject were very popular. The most famous of these was the ‘Book Of Household Management’ by Mrs Eliza Beeton (1836-1865).

Meet the Laffa – A Middle Eastern Tortilla

The laffa is a Middle Eastern wrap bread used for everything from salad and grilled meats to sopping up sauces and gravy. Learn how to make these super-convenient and super -tasty breads using ingredients available in any modern kitchen. It is very much like a tortilla but with yeast making it soft and pliable. Yum!!

Ciabatta – Italian ‘Slipper’ Bread For a Great Steak Sandwich

In Italian the word Ciabatta means slipper, like the old shapeless (but oh so comfortable) house slippers we all have. This traditional Italian bread has a chewy crust and soft interior just perfect for soaking up the bbq sauce or other condiments smothering our grilled meats. It is not difficult to make, but does require attention to detail. It is well worth the effort, you won’t regret it, believe me!

Crusty Hard Sandwich Rolls

This simple bread recipe will quickly become one of your favorites. The rolls you bake are perfect for breakfast, brunch or even for bbq’d meats. They are light and airy but strong enough to hold even the sloppiest burger slathered with condiments.

Easy Cooking Recipes – Because Cooking is For Everybody

An article about “easy cooking recipes”. Let’s forget the myths about cooking. Cooking is easy, fun and rewarding!

Orange Blossom Water Creme Brulee

Over the years the creme brulee or steamed custard has crossed borders around the globe and nowadays it would be very difficult to find a fine dining restaurant that did not harbor at one stage a creme Brule on its menu. This is typically a very simple dessert when we look at the ingredients, very simple indeed.

Grilled Salmon With Tacos – Doesn’t Affect Your Diet

Ever wanted something to eat that would not ruin your diet? Wanted your food tastier but still you think that the food might affect your diet?

Making Your Grilled Fish Fillet Tastier

Have you already cooked a grilled fish fillet but would want to prepare it differently? That won’t be a problem because in this recipe you will prepare grilled fish fillet differently.

Cooking Grilled Shrimp and Peanut Skewers That Can Help You In Dieting

Cooking grilled seafood and adding some other ingredients may sound difficult but once you have read this recipe, it won’t be hard cooking the food at all. Grilling is one of the best choices if you want to eat something tasty and doesn’t ruin your diet.

Grilled Recipe That Can Help You In Dieting

Most of us love to eat meat above all else, so the fact that happens to us when we frequently eat meat is getting fat. The solution on this tragedy is to do dieting; some people want to do dieting normally rather than using medicine and surgery to remove the extra fat from their bodies.

Mom’s Delicious Low Calorie Creamy Pie

My mom has the best recipe for a quick, no bake, low calorie, creamy pie. You can suit it to fit your individual taste by deciding what flavor of sugar free pudding that you would like to add. People rave over this delicious pie everywhere my mom takes it, for instance, church dinners.

Fruit Smoothie Recipes Are A Great Addition To A Brain Healthy Diet

At the same time our bodies begin to age, our brains begin to age too. While there isn’t a lot of evidence that crosswords and puzzles work to prevent aging, there are actions you can take that will help maintain healthy brain activity.

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