Keto Grilled Cheese with Nut-Free 90 Second Bread // Recipe & Tutorial

w/ Nut Free 90 Sec Bread

🍞 Nut-Free Keto Bread // Yields Two Servings
*Note: I are both servings as I was looking for a dense bread and a full meal, but you can easily do half and make smaller bun or bread

Ingredients //
🔸2 tbsp coconut flour
🔸4 tbsp melted butter
🔸1 tsp baking powder
🔸2 eggs
🔸Herbs of choice: sea salt and basil

Instructions //
🔹 Melt butter on stove or microwave
🔹 Combine all dry ingredients and whisk
🔹 Add in eggs and melted butter
🔹 Pour into a microwave safe sandwich container for nice square shape (you can use half batter for 1 serving/thinner bread)
🔹 Microwave for 90s, rest for 20s then cut in half

Macros per serving (1/2 batter) //
284 calories
26.4g fat
7.7g protein
2.1g net carbs

*Note: get creative and included any ingredients that fit your KETO macros

My Ingredients //
🔸 1/2 small avocado (1.5oz)
🔸 1 tbsp whipped garlic sauce
🔸 3/4 oz Gouda Cheese
🔸 3/4 oz Aged Cheddar Cheese
🔸 1/4 cup leafy greens
🔸 Dash of hot sauce

Instructions //
🔹 Layers ingredients on one side of the sliced bun
🔹 Place sandwich on heated pan with melted butter over medium heat
🔹 Golden Brown each side
🔹 Hack: lower heat and cover the pan for cheese to melted quickly
🔹 Slice and serve with garnishes or sauces on side!!

My entire grilled cheese concoction was about 900 calories, 84% fat and a whopping 89g of fat! It was satiating as a full meal!

What will be in your GRILLED CHEESE? 🧀🍞🍅🥑🥓

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