Keto Chocolate Chip Vanilla Pudding Freezer Cookies!

Delectable Crab Treats That Satisfy Any Seafood Lover

Inhabiting the cold sea waters off the coast, the Alaska King Crab has been pleasing palates locally and around the world for years. Some of the most important varieties are the red and blue ones that have the scientific name, ‘Paralithodes.’ They have a relatively long brood cycle, which means that populations do not reproduce very quickly. Intense harvesting has caused their numbers to drop, so the areas where these species live have been closely monitored in recent times.

Add Visual Appeal to the Cuisines With Food Colors

Food colors make food preparations more appealing and delightful for the gourmets. Consumers rate products by not only their flavour but also the appearance and this where food colors take centre stage. These will help the food designers to apply the right hues and shades of colors to make it sumptuous and appealing to the astute customers. There are both natural and synthetic food colors.

Anthropology of the Smoothie Drink

The account of Selwa of the Fulani people explains the great enjoyment which North African people derive from the smoothie drink. To North Africans, the smoothie drink is known as the foule.

The Best Eggplant Parmesan/Lasagna

Eggplant Parmesan/Lasagna Eggplant is so delicious if it is really fresh. Many recipes recommend soaking the cut up eggplant in salt prior to cooking to cut the bitterness but I find that it is much too salty for me and if it is really not bitter at all if it is truly fresh. So, the best thing to do is get the freshest eggplant possible! Remember “Fresh is Best.” This recipe is not for the faint of heart cooks who just want some “instant gratification.” It makes one heck of a mess and takes some time to make but I can assure you it WILL be worth it!

Two Simple and Authentic Udon Recipes

Having lived in Japan for 8 years, I can personally attest to Udon noodles having saved my poor student butt a number of times. A straight bowl of Udon noodles with an egg can be had for about $3 in Kyoto, so it’s pretty much a standard for every student in the weeks (or god forbid months) before the next loan check comes in. There’s even a famous little shop in Kyoto that will let you have a bowl for free if you do half hour of washing plates afterward!

That Is Your Last Piece of Candy! I Mean It, This Time

Tonight sugar will prevail. Kids across America have awoke to await the sunset, enjoying a sweet breakfast of pre-Halloween candy. My son usually quite docile at 9am, is dressed and patrolling the neighborhood, in search of others like himself.

The Perfect Post-Workout Meal

After a good, hard workout, the last thing I want to do is expend whatever energy I have left on cooking and cleaning, however resorting to eating a bag of overly-nuked popcorn just isn’t going to cut it – even if that’s what my energy level is craving. Instead, I’d rather honor the blood, sweat and tears I laid out on the treadmill, elliptical or whatever other torture device I came across at the gym, with something satisfying, delicious and, above all else, easy!

Flapjacks Recipe

I know flapjacks are very common and there are recipes everywhere for them but I just had to share this particular recipe. I have been looking for a recipe for flapjacks for over 15 years. When I was a little girl I used to go and play with my friend and her mum always had the most beautiful flapjacks. Through the years I have tried so many various recipes but they just didn’t seem to have that crunch so when I tried this recipe last year I was absolutely delighted with the result and my 20 month old son adores them too. They are a nice healthy snack so I don’t mind him having them, anything beats sweets or junk.

Home Made Pizza Recipe

Do your family like fast food but you don’t want them eating junk? I have a 20 month old son who typically loves the food I won’t let him eat. I discovered recently that he adores pizza but of course I certainly didn’t want him eating those frozen ones you get as you really don’t know what is in them but I always thought pizza was so difficult to make.

Healthy Chicken Recipes – Making Healthy Recipes Using Chicken Meat

Is your being health conscious that serious? Stay healthy without depriving yourself of animal meat. You can always use chicken meat which is a healthier choice as most sources approve. Here are several recipes that use chicken meat to make healthy dishes.

5 Ways to Use Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey

Delicious alternatives to another turkey sandwich. I use turkey year-round so I am always trying to find new alternatives to the standard offerings of a sandwich, Turkey-Ala-King, or pot pie. Turkey is a budget friendly alternative to the chicken, fish, beef and pork that dominates our diets. Why should the chicken get all the attention when there is turkey in them there freezers. Here are some of the dishes I have come up with. They are really easy to make and offer a nice alternative to the old standbys. Try one or all of them this holiday season and you may discover that turkey is not just for holidays anymore.

Nigerian Salad Recipe – How to Make Your Own

Nigerian Salad is a special salad recipe native to Nigeria. It is such a unique salad recipe that even if one ingredient is left out, the Nigerian Salad loses its special taste. This is why Nigerians all over the world always seek this salad recipe in the quest to get the exact taste and richness of the Nigerian Salad. Foreigners who have been lucky to taste the Nigerian Salad also ask for the recipe right after tasting it. The Nigerian Salad is so filling that it can be had as a meal on its own or as a side dish to the various Nigerian Rice Recipes – the Jollof Rice, the Nigerian Fried Rice, the Nigerian Coconut Rice, the Nigerian White Rice and Tomato Stew to name a few.

Easy Recipes: Chicken Cola Chicken

I asked my wife to teach me a new recipe this weekend, preferably something easy that I could write about and pass on to other hopeless-in-the-kitchen husbands. She suggested we try to make Cola Chicken, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Raw Food Books Will Satisfy Your Hunger For Raw Food Diet Recipes

The search for raw food books generally starts quite soon after the first thoughts about wanting to start eating raw food. These foods more likely than not, will have been cooked at a heat over the recommended 116 degrees Fahrenheit.

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