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Here i used tawa-

Cast iron tawa-
Cast iron Tawa-

Jowar flour-
Cake making supply kit-
Vanilla custard powder-
Cocoa powder-
Tutti frutti-
Square tin-
Bread Tin –
Cake tin 6”-
Parchment paper for baking and cooking-

Cake making kit-
Measuring Cup-
Cocoa powder-
Palette knife-
Star Nozzle tip –

In USA-cast iron tawa

In UK-
Cast iron tawa –
Jowar flour-
Foxtail Millet-
Icing Nozzle set-
Cake turntable with cake decorating stuff-
Cocoa powder-
Chocolate for cake Baking-
Dark –
Piping bag-
Hand Beater-350 Watt
Stand Beater-
Icing color-
Cake tin-
Bread tin-

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