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Use Cream Chargers To Liven Up Your Dishes!

Cream chargers and soda chargers aren’t just luxury items in a restaurateur’s kitchen nowadays. This is considered as an extremely important kitchen tool.

A Delicious Italian Recipe for a Great Lamb Dinner

Italian food is famed throughout the world for the delicious pastas, pizzas and seafood. But that’s not all it’s great for, and there are many popular dishes based on delicious meats and tasty sauces. Meatballs are mostly associated with Swedish and Italian cuisine, but are a popular dish across the world.

A Fantastic Italian Recipe For Parmesan Steak

Italian food is famed throughout the world for the delicious pastas, pizzas and seafood. On top of this there’s brilliant meat recipes, and of course Italian food goes well with their fantastic selection of cheeses. So we’re going to look at a recipe to combine steak and cheese, providing a delicious contrast of flavours for a fantastic meal.

Italian Recipes for Fantastic Fishes

Italian food is a popular cuisine across the world, and as a country with its coastline sticking out into a few different seas and with thousands of miles of coastline, it’s unsurprising that the country has produced some fantastic seafood recipes. In this article we’re going to go over a couple of delicious fish recipes to feed your family in style – Italian style.

Holiday Tart and Sweet Cranberry Pie

Not everyone likes cranberries, but many people who do can’t wait for the holiday to come around for their chance to load up on tart and sweet cranberries. Give this a try and it may become one of your favorite holiday dessert recipes. Cranberry pie goes back to the developing nation of America where it was a common simple dessert recipe among Shakers.

Italian Recipes for Super Seafood

Italian cuisine is rightly famed throughout the world for its fine pizzas, pastas and breads, with a grand array of influences from centuries ago to the modern day. As a country sticking out into two seas, it’s unsurprising that the country has produced some fantastic seafood recipes. So here we’re going to look at some brilliant recipes for seafood, Italian style.

Great Italian Recipes for Tasty Breads

Italian cuisine is rightly famed throughout the world for its pizzas, pastas and fine breads, thanks to centuries of development in a region which had access to some of the finest ingredients across Europe and indeed the world. In this article we’ll look at a couple of recipes to make some delicious breads, that can go with any other Italian meal- or indeed, as a standalone snack or along with almost any other cuisine.

Spicy Boiled Noodles With Fried Beancurd, Eggs And Fresh Prawns (Mee Rebus)

This is a spicy balanced meal. It is a local recipe for Singaporeans and Malaysians. This dish is a traditional hawker food and commonly known as Mee Rebus in Asean Countries. Translated into English the dish means simply “boiled noodles”.This name is however misleading as the dish is more than boiled noodles. It has a rich spicy sauce and is served with an elaborate garnish. A decade ago Mee Rebus was sold by hawkers who used to carry two baskets over a pole. At one of the pole in one basket will contain his traditional stove and a pot of boiling water. At the other end of the pole contained a basket with his ingredients for the Mee Rebus. After that they used pushed cart with a bicycle fixed to it when they have made enough money.

Keep the Mincemeat, I Want Chocolate

I awoke to rain this morning bouncing off the roof. I thought to myself, “well this isn’t very Christmas like.” My western friends have snow up to their eyeballs, and I have not so much seen two snowflakes put together.

Italian Recipes for Perfect Pizza

Everyone knows Italy is famous for its great cuisine, in particular pasta dishes and gorgeous pizzas. Here we’re going to look at ways of making a couple of simple but delicious pizzas, and when you’ve got them nailed down, you can try some more complex recipes.

Qabili Palau Recipe – A Famous Afghan Dish

Qabili Palau is widely regarded as Afghanistan’s national dish. It is best described as rice cooked in a broth-like sauce, then baked in an oven and topped with julienne carrots, raisins and chopped nuts. If meat is added, it’s usually lamb, chicken or beef; the meat will be covered by the rice.

Enjoy This Delicious Japanese Sakana Nabe With Your Friends And Family

In Japan sakana nabe (fish stew) is a very popular dish. It is popular all year round but is more popular during winter. Lots of Japanese nabe recipes needs ingredients that are only available in Japan. This recipe is for a nabe that you can prepare wherever you are.

Enjoy This Delicious Yakisoba With Your Friends

The first Japanese barbeque that I attended got me fascinated because it was quite different than what we have back home. We grilled a variety of meat, some sea foods and vegetables but what got me surprised was seeing “yakisoba” (fried noodles) being prepared. I didn’t know that noodles will go well with barbeque but it did.

Japanese Kare No Karage And Saba No Shioyaki Recipes

Here is my favorite Japanese fish recipes, kare no karage and saba no shioyaki. “Kare no karage” loosely means “fried flat fish”. “Saba” means mackerel, “shio” means salt and “yaki” means grilled. I love eating sea foods especially fish but I prefer them grilled or fried.

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