I Found The Best Vegan Cookies At The Farmers Market

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I found the best vegan cookies ever! These cookies are all homemade using recipes created by the bakeries owner Amy Gazdecki, of Waukesha Wisconsin. I found these delicious treats at a street festival weeks before my visit to the farmers market where I found Amy and her famous cookies. Unfortunately for me, every last cookie was sold out, they go quickly because they are that good.

Named The Vegan Bakers Man, Amy created all of the recipes, and this was no overnight deal, a great deal of time and investment went into finding just the right balance for each recipe brand. These are truly amazing, vegan and non-vegans alike snap these babies up and leave fast in the wind, leaving not one crumb behind.

00:00 – Episod introduction
00:23 – Intro Pips Theme Song
00:40 – Arrive at Vegan Bakers Meet the Owner
01:36 – Owner, history, and process
03:25 – Upcoming new products
03:51 – Sugar Cookie Kits
04:40 – Target Audience
05:26 – Taste Test
06:26 – Selling Cookie Dough
07:28 – Nut-Free Chocolate Chip
08:04 – Little Tot Taste Test
08:23 – Portion Servings & Costs
11:00 – They’re School Friendly – School Themes
11:48 – Online Store – Website
12:28 – Wrap-up
13:44 – Outro

The Bakers Man

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