Hummingbird Cupcakes – Gluten-free using Almond Flour (

Baking my signature Hummingbird Cupcakes using Gluten-free Almond Flour.

I am a traditional Southern baker: all purpose flour, full fat butter, whole milk. . . you name it. But when I got the opportunity to try some Almond Flour from I decided to lighten things up.

I chose to bake my crowd favorites, Hummingbird Cupcakes. I followed my original Hummingbird Cake recipe to the letter and boy, was THAT a mistake. Almond flour is not really “flour” at all. It’s ground almonds – a rich source of oil. The 1.5 cups of oil that my recipe called for DESTROYED my first batch of cupcakes. While they were baking, my kitchen looked like an episode of I Love Lucy when things went wrong and the cupcakes were bubbling over in the oven. YIKES!

I’ve been baking for over 25 years and fortunately, I had 2 cups of Almond Flour left. I developed a new recipe! Necessity IS truly the mother of invention.

Link to recipe card:

The second batch turned out much better and were DELICIOUS! Keeping them Gluten-Free, I decided not to frost them in the video but my family loves buttercream frosting.

Buttercream Frosting Recipe Card:
Buttercream Frosting Video:

My family was really impressed that the Hummingbird Cupcakes did NOT contain flour and were very tasty. We will definitely incorporate healthier cooking options to our lives. Thanks!

They also sent me a bag of Raw Georgia pecans. I can’t say for sure that I’ve ever eaten a Georgia pecan! But they were very meaty and delicious! I’m hooked or maybe I’m just “nuts”!

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