How to make sunflower butter – Gluten Free & Tree Nut substitute

ADDED NOTE: Sunflower butter does not need to be refrigerated and keeps for a pretty reasonable time, but it really is your personal preferences. Other nut subs like Soy butter need to be kept at a cool temp! Hello there! This is my first YouTube Recipe video! SO excited! I hope you find it useful. There are other ways of making sunflower butter, its pretty basic, but this is how we enjoy it in our household! Below is the recipe. I find that it is important that we realize WE can MAKE our own food! By doing our homework, and smart shopping, you can not have to rely on what is on the shelf at the store, full of preservatives and chemicals. At one point in time, we made everything in our homes, now we are having to re-learn that gift. Not to mention food just taste better right from your kitchen. Please like, comment and share!

Char’s Recipe
3 TBS Organic Coconut Oil
1 TBS 100% Olive Oil (coldpress)
1 TBS Honey (optional)
3 Cups Raw, unsalted Sunflower seeds
Roasting tray
High speed blender (ninja, vitamix, etc)
Big spoon for stirring

Consider buying in bulk, find a local bulk store if you want to continue to make foods at home. It is more cost effective in the long run.

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