Honey Sriracha Slow Cooker Meatballs!

Many Options for an Alaskan Fish With a Best Choice Rating

Among the different watch groups that strive to inform consumers of where their purchases come from, the Monterey Bay Aquarium has a seafood watch that is designed to inform interested people where and how certain species of fish are caught. Also known as the true cod and the grey cod, the Alaska Cod has earned a top rating as one of the most sustainably fished specimens on the U.S. market.

Mouth Watering Seafood Recipes That Never Get Old

By accessing online databases compiled by professional chefs and cooking schools, it is possible to browse hundreds of delicious options that incorporate our own natural resources for the sake of creating fresh Alaska Seafood Recipes. For a light option with a Greek flare, try a Walnut salad, or sear your fish to create a crispy outer skin with a moist and tasty center. From the traditions of Eastern Cuisine to the experimental flare of the Western world, you won’t ever be bored by the options available to you, provided you’re willing to get a little creative.

Three Healthy Seafood Recipes That Are Easy on Your Wallet

Today, many Americans have begun to recognize how unhealthy prepackaged meals and diets that contain a lot of red meat can be. As a result, people are looking for affordable ways to make healthier meals at home, and one of the best ways to do so is by following some tasty Alaska canned salmon recipes. By adding more seafood into your diet, you can get plenty of protein without all of the unhealthy fats that most people consume when they eat red meat. Don’t worry though, canned seafood is much more affordable than many other types of seafood, which means your family can afford to eat healthy and delicious meals. Here are three very tasty Alaska canned salmon recipes that you and your family will love to cook together.

White Fish Recipes For Health, Taste, and the Environment

When shopping for dinner, either for yourself or your family, the number of options in terms of what to prepare can be quite overwhelming. There are so many different protein choices. Should you go with red meat, the family favorite, or the leaner white meats like chicken? Many experts suggest rejecting traditional meat altogether in favor of fish. But sometimes, seafood can be a bit more expensive, and there are always the problems of mercury that have many worried.

Restaurant Recipe Secrets: How to Get That Great Restaurant Taste That You Can Make at Home

As a traveling man, I eat at lots of restaurants. I usually eat at great restaurants and really enjoy the fresh taste, the savory flavor, and the satisfying feeling of having a great restaurant meal. I also really enjoy cooking for my family when I’m at home. Sometimes I want to re-create that great restaurant meal for my family so they can enjoy it as much as I did. Along the way I’ve learned a few secrets by watching the restaurant chefs prepare their meals in the now popular open kitchen and I want to pass along to you some of the things that I discovered.

Gluten Free Desserts – Keep Your Favorite Desserts

Living with a condition, such as Celiac disease, or gluten sensitivity, does not mean that you cannot enjoy some of your favorite desserts, in fact, there is a wide variety of Gluten Free Desserts available. With a little digging, it is not difficult to find a wide variety of Gluten Free Recipes. Such as Cheesecake, gluten free cupcakes and cookies.

2 Food Items Everyone Needs to Know How to Cook

Becoming a self confident adult is what we all want in our lives. One of the ways to reach this goal is to know how to feed ourselves and at certain times, others. Cooking seems like a hard task to most of us but in reality, most recipes are easy to follow.

Americans’ Love of Hot Dogs: Regional Tastes and Recipes

Ask Americans to name their favorite food and most would say hamburgers. But hot dogs are a close second, so loved there are dozens of regional recipes for them and books devoted to them. This article describes some of the regional recipes and ends with a recipe for Scalloped Potatoes with All-Beef Hot Dogs and Swiss Cheese.

Pumpkin Bread Recipe

You could use this recipe for normal bread loaves but you can also use it for muffins and mini muffins and they are going to be really wonderful because this is a dense bread that is excellent for muffins. You can give them to your kids as a pre – school snack and keep some for home! You are going to use this one again.

Six Essential BBQ Rub Recipes

A rub is an excellent way to add great flavors to your BBQ meat. Just like a marinade (see my other articles for marinade recipes), a rub is applied to the meat prior to cooking, usually from anywhere between 8 to 24 hours to allow all the flavors to mix and be absorbed by the meat. Dry rubs are usually made from a mix of spices and sugar and are applied to the meat by rubbing it all over its surface. Paprika is a very popular spice that is present in most rub recipes since it provides great flavor and contribute to forming that typical red BBQ meat color.

How To Cook A Honey Baked Ham At Home

Thinking about getting a honey baked ham? Why not make one yourself and save some money?

How To Make Authentic 7-Layer Mexican Dip

Want a dip that’s as pretty as it is delicious? Look no further than my authentic 7-layer Mexican Dip.

4 Delicious Cracker Spread Recipes For Your Next Party

When it comes to entertaining friends and family at various get-together’s that I host every year…I like to prepare easy recipes that taste delicious. Just like my party guests, I want to enjoy my party and not spend 2 or 3 days making all of the food. This article includes 4 of my favorite cracker spread recipes.

Organic Banana Cupcakes With an Organic Chocolate Frosting

This weekend my roommate was going out of town and had a bunch of bananas that were starting to over ripen. She told me I could bake with them if I wanted to instead of her just throwing them away.

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